Army Ants – Top 10 Facts about Soldier Ants

The world’s deadliest ants got their name Army Ants because of the way they go out and hunt, basically in the form of troops of a few hundred thousand. Their basic food supply comes from hunting in the swarms. There are several different kinds of army ants but all of them are deadly nonetheless. Here is a list of top ten facts about Soldier ants that might fascinate the readers.

10. Localities Where Army Ants are found

The natural habitat where army ants are found are in warm climate of the Tropical countries Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and Southern America. They live in jungles and tree covered areas as they can find food supply in abundance in such areas.

Soldier Ants, Localities Where Army Ants are found

9. Living Nest

One unique thing about Army ants is that they can form a nest out of their bodies by attaching themselves to form a chain of sorts and hooking each other to themselves. This nest is known as bivouac and it is formed especially to protect the eggs and the queen. Their nests are so intricate in design that they have separate walls and chambers in the nest formed using their own bodies.

Soldier Ants, Living Nest

8. Diet of Army Ants

Soldier Ants are deadly, they prey on not only insects and spiders but on animals as well. According to the statistics they kill and consume over thousand preys and even have the ability to kill big animals if work in teams together.

Diet of Army Ants

7. Covering Long Distances

These deadly species of ants possess the ability of traveling long distances like 65 kilometers an hour. Just to hunt for food or find a place for shelter they will travel far and wide.

Covering Long Distances

6. Soldier Ants Nomadic Lifestyle

Soldier Ants do not form permanent residence anywhere. They are constantly on the move and do not settle at one place. Their lifestyle is nomadic in nature.

Soldier Ants Nomadic Lifestyle

5. Medical Procedure

Army ants are known for their strong jaws and its movement. The natives of the lands where Soldier Ants Are found they use them to for stitching procedures in which the wounds are stitched up.

Medical Procedure

4. Resilient Bodies

Army ants are quite resilient in nature and tolerate high temperatures and hot climates. Also their bodies are sturdy and can digest any living being there is.

Resilient Bodies

3. Lifespan

Army ants although deadly but cannot live for long as their life expectancy is three months minimum and maximum they live up to thirteen months long. Their life span is quite short but in that short life they can kill and prey on some dangerous animals too.

Army Ants, Lifespan

2. Physical Appearance

Army ants have a daunting appearance with blackish and brownish body. They are quite small i.e. 8 mm being the smallest and 12 mm being the biggest. Do not underestimate them on the basis of their size they are quite dangerous.

Soldier Ants, Physical Appearance

1. Various uses of Mandibles

One thing we didn’t discuss in physical appearance was the army ant’s huge mandible which they are born with. There are quite a few uses of these like forming a live nest, killing creatures, carrying them and digging, etc.

Various uses of Mandibles

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