Cutest Animals In The World

Top 10 Cutest Animals In The World

Where some animals are dangerous and fearful looking, some are extremely cute and adorable and people want to take them as a pet. Cuteness is one of those things that greatly attract people and forces people to adore or love someone. Millions of people around the world have adopted different animals as their pets. Some include those fearful animals like lions, tigers and many more but some have adopted very cute and adorable animals. Some cutest animals in the world are discussed which are:

10. Quokka

One of the cutest animals to be mentioned is the Quokka of the macropod family. It is an herbivorous animal and is mainly active during the night. These cute Quokkas can be seen mainly on islands of Australia and are extremely friendly and are considered the happiest animal in the world.

Cutest Animals In The World, Quokka

9.  Sea Otter

These animals are extremely cuddly and are known to hold each other when they sleep. Where the male otters are violent, the female otters are comparatively nicer and treat their babies with love and devotion. Theses otters might be violent but they look extremely cute and cuddly.

Cutest Animals In The World, Sea Otter

8. African Pygmy Hedgehog

These hedgehogs from the Erinaceidae family are the most adorable animals. They have spines on their back and when required, turn themselves into a ball. These animals can also be kept as pet and mostly resemble rodents but are much cuter and adorable.

Cutest Animals In The World, African Pygmy Hedgehog

7. Harp Seal

A cute and cuddly animal, Harp Seal is mostly noticed around the Atlantic Ocean. It is an animal who has no ears and has a wishbone or a harp shaped mark on its back, hence its name. When a baby harp seal is born, its coat is yellow but then turns white after a while.

Cutest Animals In The World, Harp Seal

6. Red Panda

These cute and adorable animals called Red Panda are currently extinct as their mating is rare. They are a combination of a Fox, bear and a raccoon. They look extremely fluffy and resemble Master Shifu in the movie Kung Fu Panda. These animals mostly eat bugs or bamboos.

Cutest Animals In The World, Red Panda

5.  Koala

Native to Australia, Koalas are the most adorable animals that climb on bamboos and sleep a lot. These animals are extremely fluffy and even when they’re making extremely annoying voices, no one takes them seriously, and therefore they look even cuter.

Cutest Animals In The World, Koala

4. Giant Panda

A white and black, cute and cuddly animal, called the Giant Panda is mostly seen around china in the south central part.  These pandas are carnivorous and they mostly eat bamboos. But these cute and adorable pandas are now endangered and their existence must be protected to keep cuteness alive.

Cutest Animals In The World, Giant Panda

3. Dogs

A dog is a man’s best friend. This quote is extremely correct and of course who wouldn’t like to make a cute and adorable dog as their best friend. Dogs are extremely protective and loyal animals while being cute and special. These animals are also trained to follow orders.

Cutest Animals In The World, Dogs

2. Rabbits

Rabbits with their long ears, cute tail and fluffy nose make our heart melt. They are extremely fluffy and have an extreme coat of fur that makes them even cuddlier. Different rabbits are bred differently to make them even fluffier and cuddlier.

Cutest Animals In The World, Rabbits

1. Kittens

Kittens with their cute little soft paws, their long whiskers and extremely soft furs grasp the attention of people and forces people to hug them or cuddle them. These kittens can sometime be hard to cope up but with better training and proper equipment, can be a cute little best buddy.

Cutest Animals In The World, Kittens

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