Dangerous Animals In The World

Dangerous Animals In The World

All of us are aware of the beauty of Mother Nature, but this nature can sometimes be too devastating too. Some of the creations of God are meant to only harm others. But bad is just the absence of good and nothing else. Some creatures in this world lack the presence of good in them and hence harm other species and creations of Mother Nature. After all, the film Mother Nature has been making needs some villains too.

Till date, it has been very disturbing to see destructions and deaths caused by wild and normal creatures too. It is not necessary to consider wild animals as devastating, small creatures like mosquitoes and bees could be deadly too.

Let us all have a look at top ten deadly creatures of the world.

10. Stone Fish:

The appearance and feeling of this fish is as tough as a stone but a simple touch on this fish can cause life risk. The part of body that touches this fish is gone within microseconds.

Dangerous Animals In The World, Stone Fish

9. Cape Buffalo:

This deadly animal is the cause of most deaths in Africa and people are still unsuccessful to control it at use for domestic purposes. Its horns add more to its dangerousness.

Dangerous Animals In The World, Cape Buffalo

8. Polar Bear:

This bear is usually famous for the beauty of white, live is cold places and usually like fleshy material to eat. They are very choosy but attack anything that comes across its way.

Dangerous Animals In The World, Polar Bear

7. Shark:

Just like polar bears, sharks are also very choosy about their prey but tend to TEST anything. They usually do not like to eat humans because they are too bony for the, which they realize after attack and leave them bleeding.

Dangerous Animals In The World, Shark

6. Rhinoceros:

Oh my, their horn is the most deadly thing to be possessed by a wild animal. Adding more to it, is their intolerance to humans or any other creature around their specie and they tend not to bear hunger.

Dangerous Animals In The World, Rhinoceros

5. Tsetse Fly:

Strangest of all the flies and insects, they kill in harsh way too. They suck blood, and keep sucking unless they are satisfied with their hunger or urge, or the human blood finishes. Its name is pronounced as setsy fly.

Dangerous Animals In The World, Tsetse Fly

4. Leopard:

Leopards are famous for their speed of running. Along with and amazing speed, they have and incredible eyesight too.  They catch the sight of their prey from a considerable distance and attack by running at a speed that approaches the speed of a flash of light (not matching it actually).

Dangerous Animals In The World, Leopard

3. Lion:

Lions, most commonly African lions are considered to be among most dangerous of the wild animals. They like humans as their prey and attack any human that comes across their way. Unlike other animals discussed above in the list, they are not very choosy about their prey.

Dangerous Animals In The World, Lion

2. Snakes:

Numerous types and species of snakes exist in the world, all of them supposed to be very deadly. All species of snake has a different amount of poison in them but is of equal threat to human and non-human life that exists on earth. They suck blood and at the same time inject the poison that they carry naturally.

Dangerous Animals In The World, Snakes

1. Crocodile:

Crocodiles, mostly salt water crocodiles are hazardous well as hideous to see. Their appearance creates a terrifying feeling for anyone who sees it and when they open their mouth, their sharp teeth leave humans jaw dropped. Crocodiles are reptiles and strictly carnivorous.

Dangerous Animals In The World, Crocodile



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