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Man was the first creation of this world and sooner after that Woman came into being. This implies that no person can survive alone. He/she does need a partner to help them in times of need, happiness or anything.  But some people don’t cope up well with other human beings. They fight and create rift between them and are left alone again. At this moment, the pets come into the frame. Pets are another way to make a person feel whole again and to make them feel needed. Some people interact with pets much better than they do with humans. Dogs are one of the most common pets kept by people all around the world. They are extremely cute, loyal and YES, A MAN’S BEST FRIEND. Let’s discover some Dog Informations and 10 Facts about Dogs.


 The term ‘puppy love’ was not invented in vain. It actually did originate from puppies. Dogs do have the capability to fall in love which was noticed by two anthropologists who saw their dogs fall in love. Actually when a human being falls in love, In their brain, a hormone called oxytocin is released and the same happens with dogs as well.

Dog Informations, PUPPY LOVE


Well well, isn’t this something amazing? Dogs are known to be dreamers just like us. Not only do human beings o into a world of their while sleeping, dogs have the capability to do just that as well. It is known that puppies or smaller dogs dream quite often: every 10 mins but larger dogs dream every hour or so.

Dog Informations, DREAMER DOGS


We already know that no two human beings have the same fingerprint. I’m pleased to let you know that each dog has a unique paw print but more surprising than that, the nose prints of dogs is even more unique just like a human fingerprint. The creases and ridges on each dog’s nose are unique and identifiable.



It’s not just us that experience hot flashes in the summer, it dogs as well. But dogs feel more hot than us; why? Because firstly they have a thick coat of fur on them and secondly their normal body temperature in 38C, while humans’ is 37C. Other than, dogs do not have sweat pads; therefore their body heat can’t be released that easily as humans. It only exists on their paws.

Dog Informations, HOT DOGGIES


The tail of any Dog does tell you a lot about their moods and emotion. If they wag it to the right it means they’re happy and to left means they’re scared. If the tail is wagging low it means the dog is insecure and if it is moving rapidly, that means the dog is aggressive.

Dog Informations, WAGGING DOGGY TAIL


Not only human beings, but animals are smart as well. It is said about dogs that they have the smartness of a 2 year old. The smart dog breed is the border collies that can learn and understand up to 200 words.

Dog Informations, SMART DOGS


We already know that human beings work as doctors but dogs can take up that job as well. Dogs can smell diseases or any problem in any human being. Dogs have detected until now cancer, diabetes and epilepsy by detecting smell of organic compounds.

Dog Informations, MEDICAL DOGS


We always presumed that dogs see in black and white. What we don’t know is dogs, in their eyes, have two cones. They can see colors of yellow and blue scale but not of red and green like humans. Dogs also have a clearer night vision.

Dog Informations, COLORED VISION


A dog’s urine contains high acidic contents which can damage or corrode metal. Many lampposts were corroded and sidewalks were crumpled due to dogs and they were largely blamed in 2003 in Croatia. Almost 75000 pounds were spent to research about this matter.

Dog Informations, DOG URINE


Whenever you scold or tell off your dog for doing something wrong, it looks at you like he’s saying sorry for his mistake and he’s guilty. But let me tell you, they’re not the ones who did the mistake. If a dog is looking at you with those cute puppy dog eyes, HE’S NOT GUILTY! Someone else is.

Dog Informations, NON-GUILTY DOGGIES

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