Endangered Animals – Top 10 Disappearing Animals in the World

Picking out 10 out of a big group of endangered animals was a tough one because there are quite a few critically endangered species in the world. Here is a list of top 10 most endangered animals in the world.

10. Giant Panda

According to the statistics there are only 1600 giant pandas left. Because of segregation they live in separate communities, spread throughout the land. The wildlife organizations are trying their best to conserve the pandas and keep them from going extinct.

Endangered Animals, Giant Panda

9. Giant Chinese Salamander

The world’s biggest amphibian which can grow up to six feet long is on the brink of going extinct. Mostly because it is being hunted and eaten in its native land i.e. China.

Endangered Animals, Giant Chinese Salamander

8. Siberian Tiger

Native of Russia, the Siberian Tiger has been hunted to the point of extinction. Because of the efforts put in by the wildlife organizations for conservation the number has increased from 40 to 500 but they still are considered endangered.

Endangered Animals, Siberian Tiger

7. Leatherback Turtle

Because of coastal erosion the nesting grounds have been destroyed for the world’s largest turtle i.e. Leatherback Turtle. Also, the eggs they lay get snatched by human beings which further leads to dropping down of the numbers to an alarmingly low level.

Endangered Animals, Leatherback Turtle

6. Mountain Gorilla

Political stability that caused loss of habitat has cost us another animal that is on the verge of going extinct in Central Africa. There are only 700 mountain gorillas left, all because human activities which lead to environmental degradation.

Endangered Animals, Mountain Gorilla

5. North Atlantic Right Whale

According to the statistics there only 350 of North Atlantic Right Whales left in the world. These animals became endangered because of hunting.

Endangered Animals, North Atlantic Right Whale

4. Greater Bamboo Lemur

One of the rarest species of Magascar’s Lemurs are the Greater Bamboo Lemur. Their being endangered can be blamed on the loss of habitat and illegal hunting.

Endangered Animals, Greater Bamboo Lemur

3. Polar Bear

The polar bears have shown signs of being affected because of habitat loss due to environmental degradation and in near future might even go extinct.

Polar Bear

2. Magellanic Penguin

According to the wildlife organizations Magellanic Penguin are also another species that are being directly affected by the global warming and might go extinct in near future.

Magellanic Penguin

1. Monarch Butterfly

The loss of reproductive habitat and extreme weather conditions have led the Monarch Butterflies to b on top of the list of endangered species. The wildlife organizations are trying their hardest to conserve this species of butterfly.

Monarch Butterfly

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