Facts About Elephants – 10 Interesting Elephants Facts

In this world, each day we see different creatures and creations and get fascinated by their existence. We wonder who had the ability and such talent to build these things. Just like different products we see every day, animals and plants are also those creations that make us wonder about its creators and makers. Who had the ability to make such beautiful creatures, living and breathing, providing others with food and much more?  Just like many other creations, People can’t stop wondering about the presence and existence of Elephants. Their double or triple the size of humans, having no hands, yet feed themselves and their offspring. Manage themselves out in the wild or in any cage or zoo: But how? That’s an interesting thing to ask. Here we have 10 Interesting Facts About Elephants.


WATCHOUT ELLIES! Elephants are extremely sensitive to sunlight and can easily get sunburned. That is why they mostly hide out in the shade and to protect their skins, put sand on them. Well, someone please suggest them a good sunblock!

Facts About Elephants , EASILY SUNBURNED

  1. Swimming talents

Elephants are extremely talented. There is no doubt in that. Elephants love summer and obviously they love SWIMMING! Where ever you go, you will find elephants in water. They don’t want to come out and are mostly seen swimming in rivers and lakes. They can also go underwater and breathe using their trunks.

Facts About Elephants, Swimming talents


It’s not just us humans that are extreme food lovers, elephants love to eat food as it is their favorite pastime. They don’t have nay much to do so they just eat! It is said that they eat almost 600 pounds of food in a day. For almost 16 hours.

Facts About Elephants, FOOD LOVERS


Elephants are extremely heavy and therefore cannot jump, trot or even gallop. In a nutshell, all the activity that requires all the legs to be in the air, they can’t do it. Poor baby elephants. I wonder how much they would like to jump and gallop around like kangaroos.

Facts About Elephants, POOR JUMPERS


Using all their senses, elephants try to communicate within themselves. They rub against each other, flap their eras or use their trunks for different daily actions. These SIGNALS can be heard by other elephants from far away but humans can’t hear them. SECRET LANGUAGE!



Oh how much people like a good long warm bath. Well, elephants like to pleasure themselves too. They enjoy using their trunks to give themselves splashing baths. They like to stay clean and healthy. Wow so keen!

Facts About Elephants, GOOD SHOWER


Having a huge body comes with a benefit. Elephant shave brains weighing up to 5 kilograms. They have extremely sharp memory and can remember each detail, who they met and what they did, even after several years have gone by.

Facts About Elephants, IMPRESSIVE MEMORY


THIS IS JUST TOO SAD! Whenever an elephant from a herd dies, other elephant spend some time in isolation, mourning their deaths and turning silent. They are extremely sensitive and emotional creatures while being big and large in size.

Facts About Elephants, EMOTIONAL CREATURES


It is known about elephants that they don’t sleep very often. Someone get them a sleeping pill! They sleep for only 4 hours and become active like never before. They even sleep while standing and snore! Much like humans don’t you think?

Facts About Elephants, INSOMNIAC ELEPHANTS


Elephants are seen opposing the traditional human society approach. In an elephant herd, the females are the leaders of other 20-25 elephants. Whereas the male elephants leave home when they become teenagers to produce their offspring! Wow female dominance? Good news for feminists!

Facts About Elephants, FEMALE LEADERS

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