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Facts are verified, true information about any specific thing that have analyzed. Facts actually originate after you see some repeated information and then you consider them as a fact or ‘necessary information’. Our world has been blessed with many great treasures and from all of them, animals are one too. We see so many animals around us that contribute or help this society in some manner. Monkeys are a creation of God that to an extent, resemble us humans, in many ways. Some scientists say that we are the evolution of Monkeys. Monkeys are of different breeds and are famous for being wild, friendly, mischievous and intelligent. Some true information or rather monkey facts about monkeys are:

10. Cheek pouches

Monkeys like to eat too much; It is seen in many countries that monkey steal the food of people around them as they love to eat. What we don’t know is that Monkeys have the ability to store their food for later and swallow it. Humans will wish they had that ability in them too.

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Cheek Pouches

9. Loud Monkey

There is a breed of monkey called the howler monkeys and they have to ability to howl so much so as their howls are heard until 3 miles away and 2 miles in any forest. Almost 80% of the times, these monkeys are found resting and sleeping. Thank God they’re not here to howl at us.

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Howler Monkeys

8. Male Dominance

In our society we experience that a mole is always dominant over a women and this has now become a universal fact. This fact is also seen in monkeys as well. Competition among male monkeys is always going on but the Male Squirrel Monkeys have a way to dominate one another: by urinating on other monkeys.

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Male Dominance

7. Strong Tails

It is a fact that monkeys have the maximum weight of 100 pounds i.e. 45 KGS. Some monkeys do have a tail up to 3 feet and some don’t. It is also seen that their tails are so strong that it can carry the weight of their body.

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Strong Tails

6. Thumbs

It is seen in some breeds of monkeys, that they don’t have a thumb. These are the New World Monkeys and the spider monkeys. But some breeds Capuchin or the squirrel monkeys do have thumbs, but they’re pseudo-opposable or simply opposite.

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Thumbs

5. Eating Habits

When thinking that monkeys are small and forest-oriented, we think monkeys might only survive on plants. But it is seen that some monkeys eat animals and even dirt to keep them satisfied. In a nutshell we can say that some monkeys can eat everything.

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Eating Habits

4. Habitats

Monkeys are not always found in jungle or forests. They are also found roaming around the streets, like in Bangkok or India. They can also be found on trees, mountains, high plains and also grasslands. They can adjust almost anywhere.

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Habitats

3. Aggressive Monkeys

Many Monkeys don’t like to be touched and when someone dares to, they become aggressive even to an extent to harm that person. Yawning, Grinning or head bobbing are some signs of aggression in them. Well, we wouldn’t want to encounter that so better stay away from Monkeys!

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Aggressive Monkeys

2. Humanly feelings

Monkeys are the animals having close affiliation with humans. They have feelings, emotion just like we do. To show affection, they hold hands, groom each other, cuddle and nurse each other when wounded.

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Humanly feelings

1. Intelligence ( Monkey Facts)

Not only humans, but some animals like monkeys are also sharp and intelligent and know what to do, in any circumstance. Some monkeys are clever and sharp when stealing food or hunting for their prey.  It is a well-known fact that monkeys have an IQ of 174: way more than many humans too.

Monkey Facts, Top 10 Amazing Facts, Intelligence

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    When you are talking about facts, keep in mind that saying we are created from “god” is a religious belief and not a fact. This statement of opinion, makes it difficult to perceive the rest of your “facts” as actually being valid.

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