Panda Facts – Top 10 Interesting Facts about Pandas

Pandas are considered one of the most adorable looking animals in the world. Curiosity is totally an inborn quality of human beings and we highly doubt that if one would not be curious about an animal as cute and adorable as Pandas and for that purpose we have compiled a list of top 10 interesting Panda Facts.

10. Powerful Muscles

Pandas are known to have chubby face, but that actually is all muscle. Their jaw muscles are extremely powerful and can easily chew on aluminum and hence why the ability to eat bamboo.

Panda Facts, Powerful Muscles

9. Teeth

A giant panda possesses a set of teeth containing a total number of 42 teeth. The similarity between panda and humans is that they both have two separate set of teeth.

Panda Facts, Teeth

8. Communication

According to several researches, pandas communicate using different calls, 11 approximately. Out of 11 of them 4 are used while in search of mates.

Panda Facts, Communication

7. Derivation of the word “Panda”

It is said that the word “Panda” might have been derived from a Nepalese word “Poonya” which basically translates to Bamboo eating animals.

Panda Facts, Derivation of the word Panda

6. Mating Process

The mating process lasts about two to three days and once mating is done, the gestation period is for 97-165 days after which the female panda becomes pregnant only if she has enough nourishment. The baby is born after 60 days approximately.

Panda Facts, Mating Process

5. Eating Habits

Most of the food that pandas consume does not get digested. During the spring season a panda can excrete about 62 pounds of faeces.

Panda Facts, Eating Habits

4. Pandas as a Symbol

Pandas have been used as a symbol or logo for a wildlife organization by the name of WWF. It has been their symbol ever since it was founded in 1961.

Panda Facts, Pandas as a Symbol

3. Color

If you remove the skin or fur of the panda it shows that they are black even under their fur where the fur is black and pink where the fur is white.

Panda Facts, Color

2. Leisure Activities

Pandas are usually seen rolling or sliding off the slopy or hilly areas. Sometimes it might be for fun and playing activity but another reason for such behavior is that they might be removing twigs from their fur.

Panda Facts, Leisure Activities

1. Endangered

Pandas have been endangered for a very long time now, around 1990. There are only one thousand pandas left in the world and the efforts to conserve them are being made.

Panda Facts, Endangered

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