Ten Best Business Ideas Norway – Repair Garage, Seafood Mall

Here are ten Ten Best Business Ideas Norway.

10. Auto Repair Garage:

You can start this business with very low investment if you think that you are a trained mechanic. But for this you have to find the location in a way that it can be accessible for everyone. Through providing quality service and repairing you can make a lot of money with very little investment.

Business Ideas Norway, Auto Repair Garage

9. Seafood Mall:

People of Norway are very fond of seafood and it can be a profitable business because of the interest in seafood of Norwegians. But for this you must have to require capital and skills to make this business profitable.

Business Ideas Norway, Seafood Mall

8. Cigar Lounge:

Smoking is prohibited in public places in Norway. People badly look for lounge where they can sit relax and smoke. In Norway If you open your own cigar lounge with quality cigar and always ready to stock your lounge with different varieties then no barriers comes across your way to make your business profitable.

Business Ideas Norway, Cigar Lounge

7. Technology Products Shop:

As we are living in era of 20th century where technology is dominating our lives. Technology product shop including mobile, camera, Laptop, Computer accessories, mobile accessories would be a profitable business idea in Norway.

Business Ideas Norway, Technology Products Shop

6. Convenience Store:

Convenience store at convenience location where the people love to enjoy their life especially in nights would give you advantage to make your business profitable. But you should have to stock a variety of products, goods and a wide range of household and groceries.

Business Ideas Norway, Convenience Store

5. Real Estate Business:

Prices for houses, studio, apartments are on increasing trend and demand for buy/selling is also increase all over the world so idea for opening the real estate business is a good opportunity for individual to set their own business.

Real Estate Business

4. Sandwich and Cafe Bar:

In Norway you will see the Sandwich and cafe bar on so many locations. Although a number of bars make it difficult to make your business profitable due to competition but if you have a skills and creative and know how to make this business profitable. Then it will be very fruitful idea to open your own sandwich and cafe bar in Norway.

Business Ideas Norway, Sandwich and Cafe Bar

3. Nail and Beauty Salon:

This business totally depends on the services that you are providing to your customers. Once the customer gets satisfied then the repeating customer will make a chain of customers for you. For this you should have to provide the relaxing environment and convenient location for customer to access easily.

Nail and Beauty Salon

2. Shopping Mall Business:

If you a lot of capital to invest in Norway the idea for opening of Shopping mall would be beneficial for you. If you have a customer centric location then no doubt to open and easily occupied by the shopkeeper to buy the shop from your shopping mall.

Shopping Mall Business

1. Oil and Gas Company:

Norway is considered as one of the largest oil and natural gas producer in the world. There are lots of opportunities available in this sector. If you are interest and are willing to invest heavily then you have to take permit from government and make your setup to start this business and definitely it will makes your more profit as expected by you.

Oil and Gas Company

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