10 Latest Business Ideas in Norway – Gym, Salon, Apps Developer

If a person is getting shifted from their native country to any other country, they definitely need to have some funds to start up a business from which they can earn a living, but these ideas always require money. Here we are sharing with you about some business ideas in Norway that require lesser capital and can result in big profits. These ten latest business ideas in Norway may help a person a great deal to think about their career in Norway and enjoy the ease of no bounds of job. Have a look at these ten small business ideas In Norway.

10. Salon And Spa:

People who work hard definitely deserved a relaxing massage and beauty treatments once in awhile, and this is what you can offer at little lower rates as compared to others to make people you regular customers.

Latest Business Ideas, Salon And Spa

9. Latest Business Ideas – Gym:

Everyone needs to stay fit but cannot afford to buy heavy machines required for exercise. You can invest in buying those machines and then charging monthly from people to use those machines at your gym and stay fit at cheaper rates.

Latest Business Ideas, Gym

8. Crockery Supplies:

Melamine, ceramic, glass or plastic, each and every kind of crockery is in demand in all parts of the world, and you can take advantage of this fact by supplying crockery at wholesale or even retail prices.

Latest Business Ideas, Crockery Supplies

7. Pets Buying And Selling:

You can buy and then sell pet animals after a little bit of nourishment, and once they are ready to sale you can have a more than double price from every animal, hence requiring less investment and  more profit.

Latest Business Ideas, Pets Buying And Selling

6. First Aid Kits Provision:

Medical help is needed at the time of emergency in the form of a first aid kit, and if the kit does not have any single tool, the life of suffered can be at risk. You can provide complete first aid kits with home delivery services so people can think their life is in safe hands.

Latest Business Ideas, First Aid Kits Provision

5. Food Business:

Selling raw materials as well as cooked food is a great idea for a small scale business in Norway. Homemade hygienic food with h taste of hotel like dishes is never going to fail as most of the Norwegian are food lovers. And if you try to introduce a new food cuisine, it can be even a better idea.

Latest Business Ideas, Food Business

4. Estate Agent:

Keep a track of properties for sale in Norway and making it available to buy for those who need to buy is one of the best business, as it gets lots of money as a commission when a deal gets confirmed.

Latest Business Ideas, Estate Agent

3. Food For Pets:

Although it is very difficult to start pet feed production but once you come up with the unique idea for pet feed production you can earn lot of money in Norway. People who are willing to buy expensive pets can also buy pet food at any price.

Latest Business Ideas, Food For Pets

2. Apps Developer:

Today’s generations believe in technology, and mobile phone application brings revolution in today’s era for this generation. This business requires almost no investment and once the app gets popular, you can earn a lot.

Apps Developer, Latest Business Ideas

1. Oil and Gas Services Company:

Norway has one of the highest productions of oil and natural gas in the world. Get a license and then open a firm that deals with all kinds of services related to these natural treasures in the country.

Oil and Gas Services Company, Latest Business Ideas

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