Highest Paying Mexico Jobs – CEO, Marketing Director, Actor

Mexico is country where job trends are way too different from any other countries of the world. These job trends lead to totally opposite highest paying jobs in the country. In this country, executive level jobs are less paid as compared to the team that carries out all the work, because of the reason that they are the real heroes of the country. Let us see what the highest paying Mexico jobs are.

10. Mexico Jobs – CEO:

Chief Executive Officer or CEO of any country is the least paid person in company y because his task is easier as compared to others in the firm of company. Mexicans believe that doing the work is more important and requires more efforts than just supervising it.

Mexico Jobs, CEO

9. Advertising Sales Director:

This person in company is solely responsible for marketing tasks out of which advertising is the most important one. If the products are not marketed well, there is least chance of people knowing about it.

Mexico Jobs, Advertising Sales Director

8. National Sales Manager:

This person in company has the responsibility of carrying out sales supervision all over the country and look after the desired goals of the country regarding sales of their products.

Mexico Jobs, National Sales Manager

7. Quality Control Inspector:

Advertising and selling the product is important, but looking after its quality and maintaining it throughout its sale is more important than just showcasing and selling it. This is the task of a quality control inspector.

Mexico Jobs, Quality Control Inspector

6. Managing Director:

Managing Director is yet another executive level job, which is very near to begin the owner of the country, but only in terms of responsibilities, duties of an MD are like as if he is the owner but in real he also gets paid for his job.

Mexico Jobs, Managing Director

5. Operations Manager:

Operations Manager of a company is obviously looking after all the operations and tasks of the company and is one of the top 5 highest paying jobs of the company.

Operations Manager

4. Marketing Director:

This person has to look after the marketing matters of the country and has the fourth highest average salary in the country.

Marketing Director

3. Development Manager:

This job is related to information technology companies that deal in development of software and smartphone apps.

Mexico Jobs, Development Manager

2. Actor:

Beyond all the jobs, those who fake it gets paid the most, a little more than the owner of any company. And by faking it we mean that they act it out, they are called actors. No doubt their task is the most difficult of all. Actors in Mexico are very highly paid as compared to any other job.

Mexico Jobs, Actor

1. Vice President:

Here we cannot specify that vice president is of the bank or a company, but still this person has the highest salary of all the posts in the country.

Vice President, Mexico Jobs

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