Insurance Companies In USA


We have always seen in movies that rivals fight for insurance money, but nobody in those damn movies show the amount that need to be paid prior to beard fruits of those insurance. Every insurance company has a set of policies which bound them. No company just gives away a whole lump sum of money to the descendants of the dead. And mind it, insurance money is not something to be got upon the death of a person. Insurance has categories like health insurance, insurance of some goods etc.

A good insurance company is the one that pays a good amount of interest after all the installments paid, and cares for the ease of their customers and cooperate with them at the time of difficulty.

10. Farmers Insurance Group:

FIG is group of insurance companies in the United States of America. This group has insurance companies for all purposes from life insurance to health and car insurance etc. It is included in top ten because of number of facilities it provides to its customers.

Insurance Companies In USA, Farmers Insurance

9. John Hancock Financial:

This insurance company has evolved for years and now a front end company in the market with almost every policy as a successful one. None of their insurance policy fails to attract customers.

Insurance Companies In USA, John Hancock Financial

8. The Hartford:

The Hartford financial services group Inc. is one of the largest insurance companies with thousands of customers and all of them supposed to be satisfied ones. Some have already benefited while others plant their trees to get the fruit out of it.

Insurance Companies In USA, The Hartford

7. MetLife:

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is a worldwide accepted insurance company of all time with over 85 million customers from more than 60 countries of the world; they put customer benefit over their own, and hence prove to be one of the remarkable insurance companies of the era.

Insurance Companies In USA, MetLife

6. AARP:

American Association of retired persons is an America based group for people of 50 above age and caters to provide benefits for their old age. These groups come insurance company works as a non-profit organization.

Insurance Companies In USA, AARP

5. Old mutual:

Old Mutual Insurance Company has more than 16 million customers and trillions of assets which they tend to manage regularly. When it comes to save the assets of customers, no competent can succeed from old mutual. They have their own unique way of handling and then multiplying benefits of customers.

Insurance Companies In USA, Old mutual

4. American fidelity insurance:

This insurance company assures health, family and life insurance all under one roof. They have several plan and policies and a wide variety of specifics to choose from.

Insurance Companies In USA, American fidelity insurance

3. New York life Insurance Company:

Being one of the most widely accepted and recognized insurance companies of the world and based in USA, this company has over 512 billion dollars of assets to be taken care of.

Insurance Companies In USA, New York life Insurance Company

2. Allstate:

It is the second largest insurance company in United States and by trusting Allstate; you can easily consider that your money is in safe hands.

Insurance Companies In USA, Allstate

1. American International Group:

It is the top most group of insurance companies in USA providing all types of insurance to customers all around the world and millions of people trust them with their assets.

Insurance Companies In USA, American International Group

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