Poland Investment – Top Ten Small Business Ideas

Poland is known greatly for the huge amount of entrepreneurs living there, who start their own small businesses and usually ones that prosper. If you are one of those entrepreneurs and looking for a good idea to set up a small business in Poland, here are ten Poland Investment meaningful suggestions for you:

10. Poland Investment – Goodies:

Certain things like walker crisps, tea bags and pickles etc are not easily found in Poland. There may be on or two websites that provide all the stuff but they deal worldwide. Establishing a platform for Polish people only has higher chances of success and function.

Poland Investment, Goodies

9. Fish n Chips:

Who doesn’t love food? Well nobody hates it if you are cooking it right. For a small business idea, fish n chips can turn out to be a success if you keep the prices right. Polish people complain to have not enough food vendors around so you might of help.

Poland Investment, Fish n Chips

8. Laundromats:

Poles complain to have insufficient launderettes around; they hardly see any. Tourists with a budget also wash their clothes in the sink while the rest use the hotel’s laundry service. Opening a Laundromat would be a good idea as it is a basic need.

Poland Investment, Laundromats

7. Puppies & Kittens:

Although people don’t prefer to put their money in buying cats, they can just pick them off a street, yet they do like to buy different breeds of dogs or puppies. No matter what age or era, humans’ love for pet animals will never die.

Poland Investment, Puppies & Kittens

6. Importing Decorative Things:

You can always find a contractor willing to export decoration stuff like Christmas decorations or party poppers or all kinds of birthday hats etc. It is a small business and the profit will be small too but you can come across other big opportunities while doing it.

Poland Investment, Decorative Things

5. Importing Cars:

Importing cars from Jana is a good idea, especially LHD cars of brands like Mercedes and Audi etc. They would be used cars having some mileage but Poles would love to buy them as the prices would be okay for them and profitable for you.

Poland Investment, Importing Cars

4. Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Dentistry:

Make a fancy website, own nice and advanced accommodation and import people for surgery from other countries. Polish doctors and surgeons are great and cost an average amount which should be in the range of your invested capital.

Poland Investment, Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Dentistry

3.  A British Style Curry House:

The curry house needs to be cheap as curry doesn’t cost much. All the current Indian restaurants are expensive that Polish people don’t prefer to visit. It can be easily done.

A British Style Curry House

2. Car Parking Lots:

This idea would never fail as people always need more and more space to park their cars. Buy a piece of land, invest and announce the opening, you are good to go.

Car Parking Lots

1. Books:

Books are expensive in Poland and Poles are always found asking why, because it is just paper. Selling books at a lower price and then gradually increasing might be the best idea as the need for cheap yet high quality books never dies.

Poland Investment, Books

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