Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016

In today’s day and age shopping has become easier and more convenient for everyone. No, we are not talking about websites for shopping, we are talking about the apps that are used for shopping. They provide you updates and information about deals, all on your smartphone. Check out the list we came up with for top 10 shopping apps for smartphones.

10. ShopSavvy

This app offers a number of features, one of them being the sharp QR Code Reader and Barcode scanner. It also locates the product you are looking for in the nearest possible store. Not to mention the feature that helps in saving the product for buying it later.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, ShopSavvy

9. Groupon

This app is one of the most popular ecommerce apps on the Google Play Store, it offers you fresh deals on daily basis. Also helps filtering out the products that you don’t need. You can even redeem coupons and buy deals just by tapping on the screen of your smartphone.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, Groupon

8. PriceGrabber

This app has features that are a bit similar to that of Groupon, customers are allowed to filter out the products they need and the products they need. One can read reviews about the sellers as well.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, PriceGrabber

7. The Coupons App

This app widget allows you to redeem coupons on a bunch of stores and even petrol pumps. Another good thing about it is that you can share coupons with your loved ones via email or Facebook.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, The Coupons App

6. Smoopa

If you want an app that can compare prices and products, also lets you join other users to look out for the cheapest prices for quality good then Smoopa is the app for you.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, Smoopa

5. ShopKick

An app that lets its users redeem products. Yes every time you browse catalogs you get kids. By achieving a certain amount the customers can redeem the products then.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, ShopKick

4. eBay

If you like shopping on eBay then install the app for smartphones. eBay is considered as world’s largest marketplace, this app offers almost all the features that the website does.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, eBay

3. WalMart

If you are a fan of WalMart then installing the app is going to be the smartest decision you will ever make. The app actually informs you about all the deals that are going on WalMart and you can buy them online.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, WalMart

2. Target

With this app you actually get notification alerts about pricing of a particular product and make a shopping list. Not to mention that you can redeem gift cards by Target as well.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, Target

1. Google Shopper

Google Shopper keeps you updated on the pricing, new deals about products. It can search products using barcode reader and search option. It offers reviews, videos on millions of products all on your smartphone.

Top 10 Shopping Apps 2016, Google Shopper

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