Top Jewelry Stores In Canada

Jewelry has always been an obsession for women all around the world, to which ever country they belong. Any and every women of the world can be impressed and convinced with jewelry. Diamonds are always said to be best friends of a girl or a women, even if she is 20 or 80, we can bet that she loves jewelry. With the help of a survey conducted a few years ago, we extract the fact that women of Canada are equally in love with all kind of jewelry as the women in any other part of the world. Let us have a look at the Top Jewelry Stores In Canada, from where their women love to shop.

10. Darkside Designs:

This jewelry stores in Canada provides handmade designer jewelry with each jewelry piece treated as a piece of art and given individual attention. They deal in all kind of funky as well as sober jewelry designs.

Top Jewelry Stores In Canada, Darkside Designs

9. Harmony jewelers:

They believe in creating harmony with their jewelry, with each design so unique and one of its kinds impresses everyone at the first look.

Top Jewelry Stores In Canada, Harmony jewelers

8. Spicer Cole fine jewelers:

In the eastern region of Canada, Spicer Cole has a big name in terms of quality as well and designs, and aim at ultimate customer satisfaction as their first priority.

Top Jewelry Stores In Canada, Spicer Cole fine jewelers

7. Spence Diamonds:

This jewelry store in Canada previously had outlets are the US too, but they have sold it out now in order to provide all their focus on their operations in Canada only.

Top Jewelry Stores In Canada, Spence Diamonds

6. Peoples jewelers:

Being one of the top ten jewelers of Canada, they are continuously striving to be on the top. Their efforts can also be seen as their recent packages and discounts announced on valentine’s day.

Peoples jewelers

5. Birks:

Birks group is famous for their unique designs as well as the number of outlets throughout the world. Birks also deals in timepieces and other ornaments in addition to jewelry.


4. Ben Moss jewelers:

From diamonds to rings and bracelets and all the other things, Ben Moss is always striving to achieve perfection in its designs and is no doubt one of the very popular jewelry stores of Canada.

Ben Moss jewelers

3. Tiffany:

Tiffany is worldwide jewelry product with more than hundreds of outlets in all the parts of Canada. Being a worldwide brand of jewelry, Tiffany has treasure of designs for its customers for all kinds of attires and occasions.

Top Jewelry Stores In Canada, Tiffany

2. Michael Hill:

This jewelry brand is also a worldwide name with more than 275 outlets all around the world. They work on specialty basis and take orders for all types of jewelry. Although based in Australia, this company has several outlets in Canada for their valued Canadian customers.

Top Jewelry Stores In Canada, Michael Hill

1. Charm Diamonds:

As the name suggests, they primarily deal in diamonds and no doubt deserve to be on the top of Canadian jewelers list because of their art work shown in their jewelry. They have won several awards in past few years and always ensure the purity of their diamonds with certified processes.

Top Jewelry Stores In Canada, Charm Diamond Centres

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