Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America

Dressing up, and dolling up is all a women need to feel good, after all looking good is feeling good. Jewelry is the primary need of a woman to dress up completely. No women have ever said that she is contented with the jewelry she has, or that she doesn’t want any more of it. If you want to please a woman, give her jewelry. At some point in life, every women love the delicacy of good jewelry.

Women of USA are not an exception to the rule. Having nice jewelry is a luxury for them. So if you are looking for good jewelry stores to pick a gift for your girl friend, you are at the right place. We give a guide to the top ten jewelry stores in USA. Here it is.

10. Helzberg Diamonds:

It is a chain of jewelry stores spread in all America with 234 shops on the whole. Grab an item from your nearest outlet to make the most out of their quality jewelry.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America, Helzberg Diamonds

9. The jewelry exchange:

With more than 15 outlets all around the state and headquarters in Tustin, California, this is one of the top stores that deal in diamonds mainly. Purity is guaranteed, and you are going to get lot of praise for its unique designs.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America

8. Claire’s:

It is worldwide brand of jewelry along with other accessories too. It aims young women and girls as their target audience with all kinds of funky as well as formal stuff.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America, Claire’s

7. Harry Winston, Inc.:

With it headquarter in New York, they are one of the best jewelers as well as time pieces producers. They are owned by the swatch company.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America, Harry Winston, Inc

6. Michael Hill Jeweler:

This jewelry store is famous for the quality of designs and experienced workers who keep customers as their first priority.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America, Michael Hill Jeweler

5. Tiffany:

This brand is famous for iconic jewelry and no doubt manages to be on the top jewelry stores of USA. You may also find other stuff in their stores worldwide, but jewelry is their prime focus.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America, Tiffany

4. Ultra Diamonds:

This jewelry stores is considered to be in top 5 jewelry stores of USA providing ultimate customer satisfaction since years. They import diamonds and gems from producing countries to assure purity in their items.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America, Ultra Diamonds

3. Fred Meyers Jewelers:

This jewelry store in USA manages to be on top because they acquired more than 23 jewelry stores in USA in the past few years. They have the best collection of designs to offer to their customer.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America, Fred Meyers Jewelers

2. Sterling Jewelers:

This jewelry store is almost on top because of the number of outlets in all states of USA. They have almost 1500 outlets in the whole country, hence easily accessible to any customer to avail its designs.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America, Sterling Jewelers

1.Zale Corporation:

Best jewelry store in USA with its designs ranked as best and most liked by its customer. So, if you love your girl madly and want to make her happy, gift a tiffany iconic jewelry item and she is definitely going to love it.

Top Ten Jewelry Stores In America, Zale Corporation

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