Engineering Universities In Usa

Top 10 Engineering Universities In Usa

While looking for colleges it is so much of a hassle to go on each and every website there is looking for the best college there is, the one that sits you. We know it’s a drag and that is one of the reasons that we have compiled a list of top 10 engineering colleges in USA and their enrollment criteria. Check out the list of Engineering Universities In Usa. It will make your job of searching for Universities a lot easier. Hopefully this article will be helpful for you.

10. University of California (Viterbi)

The University of California (Viterbi) usually has its deadline for application submission around fifteenth of January and their application fee for US residents is $85 and for overseas students it is the same. At this institution students can get their degree on either fulltime or part time basis. If you choose full time then you can get a degree in as less as a year and a half. Their degree programs have a vast variety and even offer ten different PhD programs in different fields of engineering. Overall this school has a huge campus and highly qualified faculty to accommodate the students.

Engineering Universities In Usa, University of California (Viterbi)

9. University of Michigan

University of Michigan has not specified their deadline for submission of college applications however their application fee has been mentions which is around $65 for US residents and $75 for overseas students. The university focuses on project based learning for students and offers various programs for PhD and undergraduates. The school has a nice campus and a relaxing environment and holds a number of events for the sake of learning and enjoyment as well.

Engineering Universities In Usa, University of Michigan


8. University of Illinois

University of Illinois – Urbana Champagne has a rolling application deadline and has specified their application fee i.e. $50 for US residents and $75 for locals. This university stresses on research based learning for graduate engineering students so much so that there are around 50 research centers and this one school has spent millions of dollars just on research and that is saying something.

Engineering Universities In Usa, University of Illinois

7. Purdue University –West Lafayette

Another university with rolling application deadline and their application fee is $60 for local US residents and $75 for international students. Purdue University has over 70 degree and 600 plus research programs to offer to its applicants. Students are given a huge variety of options to choose from. This university is known to produce the best engineers in the field of civil, biological and agricultural engineering. On campus activities are a plus point as well considering how it holds a number of entertaining events as well.

Engineering Universities In Usa, Purdue University –West Lafayette


6. Georgia Institute of Technology

Rolling application deadline is a common thing for US colleges and this one is no different. Their application fee is $75 for both US residents and for international students. This University provides a huge variety of degree programs from which students can choose from. They offer specialization in over 20 plus spheres of engineering. It is known to be the best in Tech, industrial and biomedical engineering. Research projects are a very common thing around this university, students as well as teachers are involved in them.

Engineering Universities In Usa, Georgia Institute of Technology

5. California Institute of Technology

December 15th is the application deadline with the application fee of $100 for both US and international students. It has a separate graduate program for Chemical engineering as well as a division of engineering and applied sciences. PhD courses are also offered here on part time basis. On campus research programs are always open for students to indulge in and there are different organizations that students can sign up for. Like CalTech and Women’s club that are there to organize events all throughout the year.

Engineering Universities In Usa, California Institute of Technology

4. Carnegie Mellon University

It follows rolling application deadline and has an application fee of $65 for US and international students. They offer around ten majors to students from which they can select one of their choice and engineering students can even go on to attain master’s degree and almost every department has a PhD program to offer. They offer rotations in different countries of the world which is a plus and in this way they can gain a lot of experience.

Engineering Universities In Usa, Carnegie Mellon University

3. University of California – Berkeley

Feb 10th is the deadline for submission of application and the fee is $90 for US students and around $110for international students. The graduates of this university are allowed to attain an advanced degree in 8 different spheres of engineering. They also offer a two year master’s program but another accelerated master’s program allows students to get done with their degree in one year. On campus there are different organizations to which students can register, not to mention over forty research centers are there.

Engineering Universities In Usa, University of California

2. Stanford University

Stanford University has an application fee of $125 for both US and international students. There are over 65 labs and centers all over the campus for students to take part in. The students are offered 10 various areas to major in and can even in Cross school program and are encouraged to apply for internship program in China, etc.

Engineering Universities In Usa, Stanford University

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Here the application fee is the same for US and international students’ i.e. $75. The university has around 20 research centers and a lot of on campus activities for students to indulge in. It also lets the students live on campus and has a lot of opportunities for them.

Engineering Universities In Usa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



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