Study In Armenia – Top Ten Armenian Universities

Are you looking for study in Armenia? Here are top ten Armenian Universities. After passing out from college, it is one of the biggest problems for a student to decide about which university to enroll for further studies. Because, when it comes to education, everyone wants the best. If you are planning to go to Armenia, and pursue higher studies over there, then here is the list of top ten universities of Armenia that is going to be very helpful for you to take a final decision.  The list goes like this.

10. Urartu University:

A small level university in Yerevan city of Armenia, with limited courses to offer, but it is on number ten because it provides quality education and has good teaching faculty. This private university was established in 1991.

Urartu University, Armenian Universities

9. Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory:

It is a public university, made by the government of Armenia and has been providing education since 1921. It stands on number 9 because of variety of courses it offer to students.

Study In Armenia, Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory

8. Gavar State University:

Established in 1993 by the government of Armenia, it is unable to make it to top 5 because it is not as old as other public universities of Armenia. But many famous personalities have passed out form here and leading as successful life.

Gavar State university, Armenian Universities

7. Yerevan State Linguistic University:

With a total of 3,954 students acquiring their higher education from this university, they pay most attention to language related subjects as the name tells about it. It is on number 7 of the top ten lists and a public university in Yerevan.

Study In Armenia, Yerevan State Linguistic University

6. Armenian Universities – ASUE :

Armenian State University of Economics is the 6th most popular university of Armenia. Established in 1930 and serving to teach economics related subjects mainly since then.

ASUE, Armenian Universities

5. State Engineering University of Armenia:

With almost 10,000 students and a vast variety of subjects to choose from, this university is on number 5. It was made in 1933 and is a public university. All prestigious engineers from Armenia have studied from this university.

State Engineering University of Armenia, Armenian Universities

4. Yerevan State Medical University:

One of the best medical universities to make it to top ten list ranking is the Yerevan state medical university and has been producing efficient doctors since 1920. Almost 3000 doctors pass out from this university every year.

Yerevan State Medical University, Armenian Universities

3. Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University:

With total 2,500 students passing out each year, this university is on number 3. This public university is imparting education since 1997.

Study In Armenia, Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University

2. American University of Armenia:

As the name suggest, this university follows American standards of education and serving to give education since 1991. Very little number of students passes out each year but the education quality is guaranteed.

American University of Armenia

1. Yerevani Petakan Hamalsaran:

No doubt the best university in Armenia and this is why standing on top of the list. 1919 was the year when it came into being as a public university and producing almost 10,000 successful students every year.

Yerevani Petakan Hamalsaran

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