Study In Mexico – Top 10 Mexican Universities

Standard of a country can be judged with the help of its education and related policies. Mexico is one of the developed countries of the world as it is the part of Latin America. Have a look at the top ten Mexican universities that have been producing sharp individuals since many years and the process are still ongoing.

10. University of Las Americas, Puebla:

This University was established in 1970 and the program that is offering is leading to highly officially recognized category and it is located in San Andres.

Mexican Universities, University of Las Americas, Puebla

9. Autonomous University of the State of Mexico:

This University is 188 years old and considered as one of the oldest university in Mexico and based on its education provided by them is considered as 9th position.

Mexican Universities, , Autonomous University of the State of Mexico

8. University of Veracruz:

It is one of the best Universities in Mexico and it is located in small city of Xalapa. The population range of this city is around 500,000 inhabitants so it’s a huge achievement for this to remain in 8th position amongst the best universities.

Mexican Universities, University of Veracruz

7. University of Sonora:

This University stands on 7th position and it is also known as UNISON and it is offering many degree programs in several areas of study.

University of Sonora

6. Metropolitan Autonomous University:

This is coeducational higher education institute and it is located in metropolis of Mexico City and its campuses are located in other cities as well. This university is very limited and selected admission policy because of benchmark of their study.

Mexican Universities, Metropolitan Autonomous University

5. Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon:

83 years old university stands on 5th position amongst the top 10 universities in Mexico. This university is also providing nonacademic facilities like hostel, library, gyms and other services.

Mexican Universities, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon

4. National Polytechnic Institute:

Yet another non-profit organization that provides quality education to foreigners as well. The enrollment capacity of this university is around 45,000 students in different degree programs.

Mexican Universities, National Polytechnic Institute

3. University of Guadalajara:

This University stands on 3rd position amongst the 10 universities in Mexico. This university is also offering Distance learning programs along with other degree programs. Admission rate is around falling between 30 to 40% because of strict merit policy.

Mexican Universities, University of Guadalajara

2. Monterey Institute of Technology:

The network of this university is spread over 27 locations in different cities of Mexico. This university is 73 years old which is offering many graduate, post graduate and doctorate degree programs.

Mexican Universities, Monterrey Institute of Technology

1. National Autonomous University of Mexico:

Based on their quality education this university stands at 1st position in Mexico that is catering more than 45,000 students at a time and considered as most of the oldest university i.e. around 465 years old.

National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexican Universities

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