Study in Norway – Top Ten Norway Universities

Education system of Norway is smart enough to produce some very efficient and successful people. ; Let us have a review of top ten Norway universities to have glance of education system of Norway.

10. Norwegian School of Economics:

This University was founded in 1936 and is situated in Bergen. This university has the capacity to enroll 2000 to 3000 students. This university is providing quality education in various areas of bachelor, masters and doctorate degree programs. Due to its quality education average admission rate is around 10% per year.

Norway Universities, Norwegian School of Economics

9. Norwegian University of Life Sciences:

Based on education this university stands on 9th place in Norway amongst the best Universities. It was founded in 1859 and one of the oldest university in Aas. This university has very strict admission policy based on student previous records and grades.

Norway Universities, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

8. BI Norwegian Business School:

It is non-profit organization founded in 1943 in the city of Oslo. The university has capability to cater 15 to 20 thousand students at a time. The main quality of this university is to provide the distance learning opportunities. People from around the world if they are meeting the criteria can take the education from one of the best university of Norway.

BI Norwegian Business School

7. University of Stavanger:

This University is offering variety of recognized programs like certification, diplomas, associate degree, bachelors, masters and doctorate in various areas. Enrollment capacity of this university is around 9000 students and it is situated in Stavanger. This university was founded in 1994 and in very short span of time the standing of this university is on 7th spot.

Norway Universities, University of Stavanger

6. Ostfold University College:

This University is situated in Ostfold and has many campuses in other city of Norway. The enrollment capacity is very limited around 5000 therefore criteria for getting admission in this university is very high based on previous performances, grades and aptitude test and interview appearance.

Study in Norway, Ostfold University College

5. University of Agder:

This University is the merger of 5 small universities and becomes a new University with the name University of Agder. This university has a number of departments like Economics and social sciences, Fine arts, Health and sport science and many others. The number of students enrolled in this university is around 12,000 students. In Norway it is on 5th position amongst the best University.

Study in Norway, University of Agder

4. University of Tromso:

One of the largest research and educational institution in Norway especially in the field of space science, Saami culture, telemedicine and arctic research projects. This university has 6 campuses in different cities of Norway. This university is also known as Arctic University of Norway. It is on 4th spot amongst the best university in Norway.

Study in Norway, University of Tromso

3. University of Bergen:

Like other universities in Norway. This university is not charging any tuition fees and same rule is applicable for international students as well. The 3rd spot in the Norway is self-explanatory to judge the quality and standard of education in various fields like Mathematics, Dentistry and psychology.

Study in Norway, University of Bergen

2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology:

Considered as one of the largest university in Norway catering around 39,000 students enrolled in difference programs. This university is also offering advances degree in many disciplines like medicine and health, arts, architecture and fine arts.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

1. University of Oslo:

One of the oldest and most prestigious Universities presented in Oslo. This University has the honor to win 5 nobel prizes on their research work. This shows its level of excellence and due to this reason it is standing on 1st position amongst the top university in Norway.

Norway Universities, University of Oslo

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