Top 10 Driving Schools UK

In today’s world, people want to become free, independent and to practice their own will in every aspect of life. Neither they want to depend on anyone, nor do they want assistance from anyone. But in some places, they are happy to have a helping hand supporting them and carrying them through to victory. Just like many other activities, people now don’t want to depend on others from travelling, or doing their daily activities. People are now starting to drive their own vehicles, After all, how hard is it in this modern world to achieve a mode of transport. You can get it on down payment, or even on rent. But the skill of driving is not something that is easy and comes to every person. You have to work really hard to achieve your goal in being independent regarding traveling and transportation. Many people have now opened their driving schools/ tuitions or institutions that help people to learn the art of driving along with that they also impart the traffic rules to be learnt properly. United Kingdom (England) is one of the major cities where people are learning more and more how to drive. Here is the list of Top 10 Driving Schools UK.

  1. Andy Shields Driver Training

Starting business in 2001, Andy shields opened it up in Bradford, UK. This school has extremely experienced and friendly instructors and provides their services in the vicinity of Bradford.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, Andy Shields Driver Training

  1. A-Class Driving School

This driving school, built in 2008 is located in Bristol UK. It is an extremely professional institution and offers it services to many areas around the UK. They have extremely experienced instructors who impart theoretical and practical knowledge.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, A-Class Driving School

  1. Independent Driving School

Independent driving school is located in Ferndown, UK. This is an extremely professional institution offering theoretical and practical driving tests to its students. Not only that, it offers driving tips and lessons to kids under 17 year old who are not yet eligible for driving.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, Independent Driving School

  1.  Dave Hall school of Driving

Located in Sileby, Loughborough, UK, this driving school is run by Dave Hall and is an extremely professional institution. He gives his students full control over their results and gives them the opportunity to review those results. High quality results and technology are offered by this institution.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, Dave Hall school of Driving

  1. Let’s Learn School of Motoring

Its main office in Urmston, Manchester, UK this institution offers its services to a wide range of clients throughout the UK. This institution is working since 2009, with its instructors having an experience of 30 or more years. It is highly economical and cheap.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, Let’s Learn School of Motoring

  1. Smile School of Motoring

Situated in Edinburgh UK, this driving school is highly economical and offers discount to its new students. It provides basic driving tips and also learners’ license to its students.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, Smile School of Motoring

  1.  Jay’s Driving school

Located in Hayes, UK this institution started in the year 2006 and offers its services to many places throughout UK. It offers both manual and automatic cars to practice on and is highly economical for people belonging to middleclass as well.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, Jay’s Driving school

  1. Around the bend driving school

Located in Brighton, UK and started in 2006, Round the Bend driving school has manual as well as automatic cars for its students to learn driving on and become skilled drivers.  This institution has extremely experienced instructors having 22 or more years’ experience.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, Round the bend driving school

  1. Chilled driving tuition LTD

Established 4 years ago, Chilled Driving Tuition is located in Norwich, UK.  This institution offers its students a ‘chilled’ environment with no pressure and has high quality cars on which the students train.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, Chilled driving tuition LTD

  1. Elite Driving school

Situated in Croydon, London this school teaches its students how to drive, also teaching them traffic rules and regulations and helping them to achieve a driving license. It was made in 2007 and has a team of over 15 driving teachers.

Top 10 Driving Schools UK, Elite Driving school

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