Top Ten Poland University – Wroclaw University, Cracow University

Are you looking for best Poland University? Educational standard of any country is an important milestone in the economy and the sign of progress and development of the country. Raising the standard of education in the country is very high investment job for the government, but the fruits and results that come out as a result of this is far more than the invested amount. Same is the case with Poland, the government here invests a fair amount of money on education and the result is the growth of the country that they are experiencing with each day. Universities play a vital role in making good professionals. Let us see what are those top ten universities in Poland that are producing such professional every year that support the country growth.

10. Cracow University Of Technology:

This is 71 year old university and works totally on non-profitable grounds.  This university has to offer several programs on every level like bachelors, master as well as some selective doctorate programs.

Poland University, Cracow University Of Technology

9. Silesian University Of Technology:

This university is as old as 71 years, and does not earn profit from fee paid by students. All programs are highly recognized around the world and professional from these universities are having high post jobs all around the world.

Poland University, Silesian University Of Technology

8. University Of Silesia In Katowice:

This University is 48 years old and located in the small area of Katowice to make them avail the higher education facilities even in this small area. This university is strictly non profitable and very selective for admissions in terms of merit.

Poland University, University Of Silesia In Katowice

7. Kazimierz Wielki University Of Bydgoszcz:

They focus on activities other than studies like sports, library etc., to boost up student potential even more. It was found in 1969.

Poland University, Kazimierz Wielki University Of Bydgoszcz

6. Nicolaus Copernicus University:

Apart from other study related facilities, this university has to offer housing for students that come from a distance here to study. This one is also 71 years old and giving excellent educational services.

Nicolaus Copernicus University

5. Warsaw University of Technology:

One of the most famous universities of the world where students from all over the world dream to study because of its faculty and other facilities definitely deserves to be top five.

Warsaw University of Technology

4. Adam Mickiewicz University:

Branch campuses are spread all over Poland and the standard of education is same in each and every branch, this makes this university a better place to study.

Study in Poland, Adam Mickiewicz University

3. AGH University Of Science And Technology:

This institution is the oldest of all, dating back to 97 years before today. This means they have been providing quality education since so many years and uncountable professionals to the world must be from AGH.

AGH University Of Science And Technology

2. Jagiellonian University:

Jagiellonian University is almost 600 years old educational place, and they still striving to make their standards even better than before, to have a good approach in world of professions.

Jagiellonian University

1. Poland University Of Warsaw:

This is almost 200 years old university that is the best university in Poland so far, only because of the programs it has to offer for all. You can find here all programs related to each and every subject at any level. But admission criteria also require you to have high merit in admission test and previous academic records.

Poland University Of Warsaw

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