10 Beautiful Polish Girls – Małgorzata Socha, Marta Zmuda

Poland is famous for beautiful places and all kinds of antiques and historical places, with some amazing beauty residing here. But very few of us know that Poland is also famous for the beauty of their women. Hot models of Poland are countless, and every their face is mesmerizingly beautiful. Let us have a look at top ten sexiest and beautiful Polish girls and some details about their careers. Dagmara Dominczyk, Katarzyna Sowinska, Weronika Rosati, Magdalena Wrobel, Joanna Krupa, Marta Zmuda, Alzbeta Lenska, Anna Przybylska, Anja Rubik, Malgorzata Socha

10. Dagmara Dominczyk:

She is the one who has worked for many episodes of a well-known TV series of Poland, but her career got started with some small modeling assignments. Her perfectly toned and shaped body makes her even more attractive.

Beautiful Polish Girls, Dagmara Dominczyk

9. Katarzyna Sowinska:

She also started her career with modeling but now struggling to get chance to work in some Hollywood movie. She is extremely sexy and she is definitely going to make it to Hollywood soon.

Beautiful Polish Girls, Katarzyna Sowinska

8. Weronika Rosati:

She is face of some famous brands of Poland, and this is not the only reason for her fame. She is a daughter of professor, and is frequently seen on television, especially in reality shows.

Beautiful Polish Girls, Weronika Rosati

7. Magdalena Wrobel:

She is famous for her modeling in Victoria’s secret; in fact she used to be the prime face of the brand. She also had done some advertisements and brought good business to sponsors all the time. Her figure is ideal for her to work as a model for women inner wear brands, and this is what she is famous for.

Beautiful Polish Girls, Magdalena Wrobel

6. Joanna Krupa:

 6th among Poland models but hen dressed in swimsuit, she is ranked as the top models in swimsuit. Apart from this she has been the face of many magazine covers. She has competed in some reality shows, which brings more fame to her.

Joanna Krupa

5. Marta Zmuda:

Her third position in dancing with stars reality show of Poland brought her the fame she has got now. She is very fit and smart model, who always cares for her hygiene.

Marta Zmuda

4. Alzbeta Lenska:

Apart from being a TV presenter, she is also a famous model who is sexy enough to appeal people. Another reason of her fame is her TV presentation skills, because she has been practicing it for many years.

Alzbeta Lenska

3. Anna Przybylska:

Wife of soccer player, started her career at an early age of 18, and this is why she is extremely famous and talented today because of her experiences and lot of modeling assignments and ads on her credit.

Anna Przybylska

2. Anja Rubik:

She is one of the top models of not just Poland, but in the world too. She has made significant position on the top lists of world’s best models. Magazine covers crave for her appearance.

Anja Rubik

1. Małgorzata Socha:

She is on top because she is world famous. Magazine covers are just little thing for her. This lady poses seductively to dominate anyone. She is truly inspiring one among all models in Poland.

Małgorzata Socha

10. Dagmara Dominczyk

9. Katarzyna Sowinska

8. Weronika Rosati

7. Magdalena Wrobel

6. Joanna Krupa

5. Marta Zmuda

4. Alzbeta Lenska

3. Anna Przybylska

2. Anja Rubik

1. Malgorzata Socha

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