10 Indian Celebs Who Went To Jail

There are certain good and bad times in your life. One day you feel like the whole world is with you, applauding for you, supporting for you, and the next day you feel sad, lonely and depressed; like no one is there for just you and your thoughts. God has blessed many people in this world to become famous and having many fans of theirs. But those people don’t understand is that they have to respect that blessing and the support of their fans. Where Bollywood is extremely famous for its astounding beauty and amazing films, there are many Bollywood actors who messed up with the law and ended up behind bars. Well, they are normal human beings, but committing a crime when you know the whole world is focusing on you is somewhat ignorant. Here is the list of 10 Indian Celebs Who Went To Jail.

10. Navjot Singh Sidhu

26 years ago, Sidhu was accused of seriously assaulting Gurnam Singh in a road rage incident. Sidhu was then jailed for 3 year, guilty of a homicide in Dec 2006. It was then he resigned as an MP but his sentence is on a pause for now.

Indian Celebs, Navjot Singh Sidhu

9. Indian Celebs – Fardeen Khan

Actor Fardeen Khan was a drug addict which caused him to have a sight of the bars. He was busted while trying to purchase cocaine in 2001 May. Fardeen pled guilty to this case and cleared that he won’t initiate any further sale of these drugs and therefore he was let go after a rehabilitation treatment.

Indian Celebs, Fardeen Khan

8. Sooraj Pancholi

Actress Jiah Khan’s suicide came as a shock to her fans and originated all kinds of suspicions. Aditya Pancholi’s son, Sooraj Pancholi was dragged behind bars as Jiah Khan was his girlfriend. He was suspected of aiding Jiah’s suicide in June 2013. Sooraj was released on bail but the case is still on-going.

Indian Celebs, Sooraj Pancholi

7. Monica Bedi

Monica Bedi was insight of the police when her affair with gangster Abu Salem became known. She was further into trouble as she went to Portugal with fake documents and hence was arrested there. She was proven guilty of her charges in 2006 and therefore had to spend almost 2 years behind the bars.

Indian Celebs, Monica Bedi

6. Saif Ali Khan

After the black buck case, Saif got in trouble again in 2012. He was suspected of manhandling and then punching a person who was seated next to him, Kareena, Karisma, Malaika, amrita and her husband. That person was actually a south-African businessman and he made an assault charge against him which caused Saif to go behind bars.

Indian Celebs, Saif Ali Khan

5. John Abraham

John Abraham, in 2006, crashed his Suzuki Hayabusa motorbike into another bicycle and injured two people. He was charged with negligent and rash driving and was sentenced to 15 day imprisonment by the Bandra court as no fatal injuries were caused to any of the victims.

Indian Celebs, John Abraham

4. Inder Kumar

Inder Kumar, who is aged 41, was arrested for apparently raping his girlfriend in his Andheri apartment.  His girlfriend, a 24 year old model, reported to the police that Inder invited her to his apartment and by an excuse of getting her roles in movies, raped her for almost two nights until she escaped from there.

Indian Celebs, Inder Kumar

3. Shiney Ahuja

The actor of ‘Gangster’, shocked his fans when in news about him allegedly raping his maid came out in the open. Rape charges were pressed by her maid against him but soon took back her stance. Later in 2011, Ahuja was penalized to 7 years of Jail time and also a fine of almost ₹ 3000. The evidence was enough for the court to penalize him.

Indian Celebs, Shiney Ahuja

2. Sanjay Dutt

Actor Sanjay Dutt’s affiliation in 1993 Mumbai blasts came as a shock to his fans and admirers. Sanjay was actually accused of owning AK-56 rifle and a 9 mm pistol which were actually smuggled items. He was then penalized for 16 months during the year 1994-96. In 2013 he was sentenced for 5 years and he is currently serving the jail time.

Indian Celebs, Sanjay Dutt

1. Salman Khan

The most famous celebrity of Bollywood, Salman khan has been accused many times for different crimes. In 1998 he was charged and arrested for hunting Black Buck in 1998 in Rajasthan. In 2002 he was involved in a hit and run case and has been sentenced to 5 years jail time as well. It farewell for 5 years Sallu Bhai!

Indian Celebs, Salman Khan

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