Armenian Girls – Top 10 Beautiful Armenian Women

Are you searching for Armenian Girls? Models are the centre of attention and attraction of the showbiz of any country. Although when we talk about models, the first image that comes to our minds is of hot women with lot of body exposure, but to utter contradiction, this is not the case these days. Men are also into this thing equally as women, but here we are going to discuss about the careers of ten hottest Armenian models that are female, because no one can beat their heat!

10. Armenian Girls – Mariam Meliqyan:

She is supermodel of Armenia as well as an actress of high caliber with many ads and movies on her credit. She is the only model in the Armenian models list of Wikipedia, and that is enough to show her fame.

Armenian Girls, Mariam Meliqyan

9. Alice Panikian:

She is also very famous model of Armenia who keeps participating in many competitions of modeling, and she was Miss Canada in 2006. Her popularity is still growing with her growing age, and her beauty is very lasting.

Armenian Girls, Alice Panikian

8. Taylor Rain:

She is supermodel but her reasons of fame are the adult movies in which she does not hesitate at all to do any kind of exposure, and that makes her name to be in top ten.

Beautiful Armenian Women, Taylor Rain

7. Tulip Joshi:

She is the Armenia model who is able to make herself famous in Bollywood, by showing her acting skills in famous movies like dhokha and some other not so famous movies like mere yaar ki shaadi hai.

Beautiful Armenian Women, Tulip Joshi

6. Lilu:

Apart from being a model, she is also a dancer and cover girl for many editions of famous magazines. Reasons of her fame are her bold looks and sensual expressions.

Armenian Girls, Lilu

5. Yvette Nelson:

She is model that plays Donald duck role sometimes, and this is what she is famous for. Apart from this Donald duck thingy, she also has some modeling and advertisements projects on her credit.

Armenian Girls, Yvette Nelson

4. Christy Canyon:

Yet another model of Armenia famous for her works in adult movies, and is solely famous for this thing.

Armenian Girls, Christy Canyon

3. Gohar Harutyunyan:

She became Miss Armenia in 1988 and since then there was no stopping. So many modeling projects, showcasing designer collections and becoming the show stopper for countless brands is the reason she is famous.

Gohar Harutyunyan

2. Kourtney Kardashian:

Kardashians have a high place in the showbiz all around the world, because of their boldness and body shape that is unique from all.

Armenian Girls, Kourtney Kardashian

1. Kim Kardashian:

What to say about this lady like a bottle shaped body, yet so famous with all circles all over the world. She is the ultimate bold and confident beauty of Armenian and no doubt the best model of Armenia to look at. One cannot simply get enough of her skills and talent.

Armenian Girls, Kim Kardashian

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