Armenian Music – Top Ten Armenian Male Singers

Tall, dark, handsome has become an old combination for a man to be attractive. A manly voice that can sing songs too, is the new sex appeal for girls. Armenia has a whole lot of male singers in store, but here we are going to discuss about the top ten of them to have look at the musical sense and beauty of Armenian voices.  Here are the top ten male Armenian male singers for best Armenian Music.

10. Harout Pamboukjian:

He is also known as Dzax Harut. He is 65 years old but still manages to be on the top ten lists because of his amazing voice and skill to manipulate lyrics along with music. He currently lives in Los Angeles, and his romantic songs make him famous.

Armenian Music, Harout Pamboukjian

9. Gor Mkhitarian:

He is also currently settled in Los Angeles but started his career in Armenia. His solo hits are numerous. He was born in the Vanadzor city of Armenia and also famous as a songwriter who writes most of his song lyrics on his own.

Armenian Music, Gor Mkhitarian

8. Garo Gaboudagian:

He is a singer from beirut, Lebanon but is equally famous in Armenia too because of his frequent visits and songs and albums being released here time to time. He is aged 47 and his popularity is increasing with his age because of his soulful voice.

Armenian Music, Garo Gaboudagian

7. Filipp Kirkorov:

His full name is Philip Brosovich Kirkorov is not an Armenian born singer but is very famous singer of Armenia. He was born in Bulgaria and apart from being a singer; he is songwriter, composer and actor too. His multi talent makes his more famous than any other singers of the country.

Armenian Male Singers, Filipp Kirkorov

6. Charles Aznavour:

91 year old French origin singer but still very popular in Armenia because of his talent obviously. He is songwriter with 1200 songs being written by him that are sung in 8 different languages.

Armenian Male Singers, Charles Aznavour

5. Cem Karaca:

He is unfortunately not among us, but he was an asset for the music industry of Armenia. He died in 2004 and his death brought an unbearable loss for the Armenia showbiz because he was an actor too.

Armenian Male Singers, Cem Karaca

4. Armen Grigoryan:

He is from Moscow but a famous singer of Armenia because of his ideal voice, unique vocals and versatile singing. He is 55 and his popularity is still increasing.

Armenian Male Singers, Armen Grigoryan

3. Aram Asatryan:

He was an Armenian native and unfortunately died in 2006. He died at the age of 53, but left a mark in the music industry of Armenia. He was just a singer but very good at it.

Armenian Male Singers, Aram Asatryan

2. Andy Madadian:

He is a native of Iran but the second best singer of Armenia. He is currently almost 53 years old, but his voice is equally attractive for all age groups. He is currently living in California.

Armenian Male Singers, Andy Madadian

1. Andre:

The best singer of Armenia as liked by most of the audience is Andre. Ha has been winning the best singer award for many consecutive years and that means he sings hit songs every year that are liked by the audience and this is the reason for him to be on top.


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