Armenian Singers List – Top Ten Armenian Female Singers

Searching for Armenian Singers List? Female voice is known to have a pitch different from that of men, and this fact makes their voice to be unique. Female singers have the most pure form of vocals coming out of their throat. But what we consider nice is the coordination of the singer’s voice with the lyrics and the music. If the combination is well made, then the credit solely goes to the singer because common people never consider other back end people behind a song. Here is the list of Top Ten Armenian Female Singers.

10. Lena Chamamyan:

She is a singer from Damascus, Syria but known to be in the top ten lists of female singers of Armenia because of her soulful voice and quality to get along with any kind of song.

Armenian Singers List, Lena Chamamyan

9. Isabel Bayrakdarian:

She is aged 41 but still her popularity is ever increasing because Armenia is one of those countries of the world where opera singers are really valued because of the taste of people who love opera. Apart from being an opera singer, she is an actress to, which also adds to her popularity.

Armenian Singers List, Isabel Bayrakdarian

8. Irina Allegrova:

She is also one of the living legends of Armenia, but Russian native. Her singing and acting career is full of milestones that makes her be on number 8 on the top ten list of female singers.

Armenian Singers List, Irina Allegrova

7. Helene Segara:

She is basically a songwriter but sing few songs which brought big fame for her. Some of her roles made her being one of the most famous personalities of Armenia, however she has French accent because of being born in France.

Armenian Singers List, Helene Segara

6. Hasmik Papian:

Indeed one of the most beautiful women in Armenia is hasmik. She is 54 years old she has a beauty that can mesmerize anyone. Apart from this, she has a great voice to that makes people her fan. Her native place is Armenia.

Armenian Female Singers, Hasmik Papian

5. Hasmik Harutyunyan:

In the age of this pop and rock in Armenia, she is a folk singer of the country. The uniqueness of the nature of songs she sings makes her place in the top ten lists. She is 55 and yet her love for folk is remarkable.

Armenian Female Singers, Hasmik Harutyunyan

4. Gohar Gasparyan:

She was born in Egypt but died at the age of 83 in 2007. She will always be remembered for being an opera singer, and no to her singer can be like her.

Armenian Female Singers, Gohar Gasparyan

3. Eva Rivas:

She is a Russian singer living in Armenia and making a name for her. She is only 28 and already on number 3.

Armenian Female Singers, Eva Rivas

2. Cathy Berberian:

She is not among us, but no doubt she was an amazing singer of Armenia who gave singing a whole new direction for every female singer. She was also a composer.

Armenian Female Singers, Cathy Berberian

1. Cher:

In an industry full of males, she is the one who made name for her. She has several songs and award for those songs on her credit. Apart from having a distinctive voice, she is a producer, actor, fashion designer and lot more.

Armenian Female Singers, Cher

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