Beautiful Polish Women – Top 10 Polish Actresses

Searching for Beautiful Polish Women. It is said that women fill color in the entire universe. Their existence completes the world. And when this beauty is paired up with some other talent, it is like plus point. Women that are committed to anything do it even better than men in the same field. This is why; actresses are more popular than actors in any film industry. Here we are enlisting ten most famous Polish actresses.

10. Joanna Krupa:

She is an actress as well as a model too, and this trait of her makes her even more famous in the industry circles. She acts like she is deep into the character. Her skill makes her in the top ten lists.

Beautiful Polish Women, Joanna Krupa

9. Izabella Scorupco:

She is of mixed origin of Poland and Sweden. Other than being an actress, she is a singer and a model too. One of his memorable works was in 1995 with James bond.

Beautiful Polish Women, Izabella Scorupco

8. Dagmara Dominczyk:

She is a wife of a great polish actor, and an actress too. She has several hit films on her credit, and all of them remarkable and nice to watch.

Beautiful Polish Women, Dagmara Dominczyk

7. Ingrid Pitt:

She was great actress, and the reason of her fame was her skills exhibition in horror movies that dates back between 1960 and 1970. In all her movies, her acting looked purely natural.

Polish Actresses, Ingrid Pitt

6. Kasia Smutniak:

She is polish as well as American. Her mixed origins make her look simply beautiful and stunning. Her movies are all remarkable one, and that makes her to be on number 6 on the list of top ten actresses of Poland.

Polish Actresses, Kasia Smutniak

5. Izabella Miko:

She is an actress from Poland but her dancing skill is even better than her acting. She made it to top ten by showing all of her skills in acting and dancing as well.

Polish Actresses, Izabella Miko

4. Lisa Ray:

She is phenomenal actress and her career is not just limited to Poland, but she extended her talent and made it to Bollywood with movie Kasoor as her debut. She is also a model and social activist.

Polish Actresses, Lisa Ray

3. Beautiful Polish Women – Envy:

We do not know and are not certain about her real name, but all we know is that she is a pornographic actress and famous for her adult movies.

Polish Actresses, Envy

2. Joanna Pacula:

She is great actress from Poland. Actually she was born in Poland but now a resident of California. She was always certain to opt acting as her career and has done several courses in this field, and is a professionally qualified actress.

Beautiful Polish Women, Joanna Pacula

1. Yvonne Jaqueline Strzechowski:

This is her real name, but her stage name is Yvonne Strahovski. But this name is not just the reason she is famous, other factors like her acting makes her to be on top of the list. Dramas, movies, TV shows, hosting and what not that is on her credit. She is awesome.

Yvonne Jaqueline Strzechowski

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