Brazilian Actors – Top 10 Brazilian Male Actors

Are you looking for Brazilian Actors. Here is a list of top 10 Brazilian Male Actors. Male actors of any country are the heart throbs of girls all over the country and they have fans even in other parts of the world. Let us see who are these top ten heart throbs of girls in Brazil.

10. Tarcisio Meira:

He is well recognized actor in Brazil was born on 5th October, 1935. He had an honor to work in very famous channel in Brazil namely Globe. He has worked in many soap operas, series and in filmography.

Brazilian Actors, Tarcisio Meira

9. Darlan Cunha:

Another famous actor of Brazil Darla Cunha, based in Rio de Janeiro born on 16th September, 1988. He is also known as Laranjinha because of his heart touching role in Cidade dos homens and also from his role in Cidade de Deus.

Brazilian Actors, Darlan Cunha

8. Jose Wilker:

Jose Wilker was renowned actor, director, stage actor born on 20th August, 1944 and passed away on 5th April, 2014. He had worked in many movies and got the fame with his role as Vadinho in which he played a role of husband who returns from the dead to torment.

Brazilian Actors, Jose Wilker

7. Wagner Moura:

He was born on 27th June 1976. An outstanding Brazilian film , television and stage actor. He is considered as well being actor in Brazil and got the fame internationally in his appearance of Captain, a highly successful 2007 movie  Elite Squad and its sequel.

Brazilian Actors, Wagner Moura

6. Caio Blat:

He is a Brazilian stage, film and television actor. Initially he studied law from the University of Sao Paulo, one of the biggest universities in Brazil but very soon he decided to pursue his career in acting and left study.  He has worked in many television serials, movies and theatres.

Brazilian Actors, Caio Blat

5. Rodrigo Santoro:

He was born on 22nd August, 1975. He has worked in many successful movies, television serial; He got the fame of his role as Xerxes in the movie 300 and its sequel Rise of an Empire. He has been nominated in 16 different award categories and won 14 awards through his performance.

Brazilian Actors, Rodrigo Santoro

4. Rafael Cardoso:

He started his career in television and his got his first appearance on national television in 2008. He got the fame in 2009 while his debutant feature film in which he played a role who involved in homosexual relationship with his half brother.

Brazilian Actors, Rafael Cardoso

3. Henri Castelli:

Henri Castelli was born on 10th February, 1978. He is a Brazilian actor and model and worked in more than 23 films.

Brazilian Actors, Henri Castelli

2. Guy Ecker:

Guy Ecker in not famous only in Brazil, he is also famous in America for his acting as he has performed in many television programs including the most famous show La Mentira in which he played against Kate Del Castillo.

Brazilian Actors, Guy Ecker

1. Lazaro Ramos:

He is one of the most famous and marvelous actor of Brazil. He has worked in television, film and directed more than 3 movies. He has the honor to be nominated from 2002 to 2014 of different award category for 49 times and won 27 awards.

Brazilian Actors, Lazaro Ramos


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