Famous Film Directors – 10 Best Hollywood Directors

Hollywood has always been an inspiration for all film industries of the world. A celebrity, who is once linked to the Hollywood, is always remembered and known for their work. Hollywood celebrities do not only mean actors and actresses, but a strong base that is provided by the producers, Famous Film directors and the other behind the camera staff.

No doubt, for making a successful movie, behind the scenes staff is more important than all the actors in the movie. Most important among the back end workers of movie is the director. Director guides the actors and other staff about the working.

Hollywood directors have always set examples of legendary movies. Let us have look at top ten directors of all time from Hollywood and pay a tribute to them.

10. Francis Ford Coppola:

He has some excellent movies directed by him on his credit. He has directed some highest grossing movies of his time like The Godfather series and the Dracula movie. The rainmaker and apocalypse are also directed by him.

Famous Film Directors, Francis Ford Coppola

9. Peter Jackson:

He is truly a great director of the Hollywood. Some of his directed movies are the whole trio of the lord of rings; two movies from the Hobbit series, while a battle of five armies is in progress these days.

Famous Film Directors, Peter Jackson

8. James Cameron:

If you cannot forget titanic, then you must know about its director too. Yes, James Cameron was the director of this movie with several other movies like Terminator series, Avatar, true lies and many others on his credit.

Famous Film Directors, James Cameron

7. Ang Lee:

He is Taiwan based person but pursued his career in Hollywood. Movies like Life of Pi and Crouching tiger have been directed by him.

Famous Film Directors, Ang Lee

6. Martin Scorsese:

Martin usually starts Dicaprio for his movies and never takes his movies in a traditional sequence. Some of his movies are Taxi driver, the wolf of Wall Street, and shutter Island.

Famous Film Directors, Martin Scorsese

5. Charlie Chaplin:

He is not a recent director but when we discuss Hollywood, we cannot forget about Charlie Chaplin. No one could have done silent movies as beautifully as Charlie Chaplin.

Famous Film Directors, Charlie Chaplin

4. Alfred Hitchcock:

This movie director is also not among us but is and all-time best director of Hollywood. His work is phenomenal and unique, one of its own kind. His directed movies include Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Vertigo, and Strangers on a train.

Famous Film Directors, Alfred Hitchcock

3. Clint Eastwood:

He is well known for his work as macho star in action movies, but very few know that he is a director too with movies like Mystic River and Gran Torino on his credit.

Famous Film Directors, Clint Eastwood

2. Steven Spielberg:

One of the most talented and wealthy directors of Hollywood, he has directed movies like Jurassic Park series, Indiana Jones series, Saving private Ryan and many others. He is considered as one of the best directors in the industry.

Famous Film Directors, Steven Spielberg

1. Alejandro González Inarritu:

Recent best movie at the Oscars is The Revenant and this talented person has directed this movie, s for sure he is the best director of Hollywood in recent times.

Famous Film Directors, Alejandro González Inarritu

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