French Actors – List of Top 10 French Male Actors

Are you searching for French Actors? Besides the story of movie a role of male actor plays an important role to decide whether they are justifying the script of movie or not. Sometimes a low level script becomes prominent with the actor performance and sometime big actors fall down due to their low performance besides of outstanding script. Here we will categorize the list of French male actors, their performances makes any type of script powerful.

  1. Vincent Cassel:

    He is the award winning French actor and around 50 years old. Although he is a French actor but he is very famous amongst the American people on his best ever performance in ocean’s twelve and thirteen movies.

French Male Actors, Vincent Cassel

  1. Olivier Martinez:

    50 year old French actor famous after his outstanding performance in French films especially in Un, Deux, Trois and these movies provided the opportunity for him to win César award for Most promising actor. He also worked for holly wood movies as well.

French Actors, Olivier Martinez

  1. Gaspard Ulliel:

    A beautiful and charismatic personality and he got lot of fame in very short span of time through his acting. He is only 32 and still a quite long career ahead for him. He worked in many French movies, TV series, and short series and won Cesar award of most promising actor in 2004 when he was only 20.

French Male Actors, Gaspard Ulliel

  1. Jalil Lespert:

    He is a French actor, screenwriter as well as director. He has worked in more than 13 French movies and he has directed 2 movies. He is a versatile actor and played different roles in different movies.

French Male Actors, Jalil Lespert

  1. Hugo Becker:

    He is very smart, gorgeous and only 28 year old French actor and director. He also worked in famous American drama gossip girl. He has also been awarded Young Cannes talent in 2010.

French Actors, Hugo Becker

  1. Nicolas Cazale:

    He is the French actor but he found the fame in his French movie which were released in 2004 and won the award for Best actor. He also won Shooting star award in 2008.

French Male Actors, Nicolas Cazale

  1. French Male Actors – Tahar Rahim:

    He started his career in 2005 when he was 22 years old. He is multi-talented actor. His award winning performance set up a remarkable role in the French movie “A prophet by Jacques”.

French Actors, Tahar Rahim

  1. Romain Duris:

    He creates the example for those who came in movie industry luckily and become a superstar with low efforts. He was picked by the casting director in 1994 and he has done variety of roles in his careers.

French Male Actors, Romain Duris

  1. Gilles Marini:

    He is the French American actor and became famous through his film Sex and the city. He was also the runner up of dancing with star in 2008. He has worked in many French movies and dramas as well.

French Male Actors, Gilles Marini

  1. French Actors – Michael Vartan:

    He is the son of Bulgarian-born music, a painter and artist. He is the French American actor and known for his work in the American Television action drama Alias. He is a very charitable person and loves animals. He has worked in more than 25 movies and 15 short drama serials.

French Actors, Michael Vartan

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