French Models – Top 10 Glamour Models of France

Showbiz is an industry where looks matter the most. If someone has good face, toned and shaped body and a little bit of skill to be in front of the camera, they are qualified to be in the showbiz. Among various filed of the showbiz industry, Glamour Models modeling is the one that requires just good looks. Good looks are the qualification for the being the best in modeling industry. All that matters is the face and your confidence in front of a crowd. France is one of those countries of the world that has the treasure of the finest faces of the world, and these French Models are very difficult to be ranked, but still we have managed to show you the top ten models of France, and the list goes like this.

10. French Models – Manon Leloup:

Her blue eyes make her the star she is. Apart from eyes, sharp facial features with typical fair complexion are her weapon to rule the modeling industry. Speaking Dolls was her debut documentary.

French Models, Manon Leloup

9. Sigrid Agren:

She has been the cover face of many fashion magazines since the time she has started working. Although she lost one of the major modeling competitions of the country, still her success rate is more than the winner.

French Models, Sigrid Agren

8. Adrien Sahores:

He is one of those models of the world who are paid the highest for their job, and is among the richest of all the models. His goal was to be a footballer but somehow modeling industry chose him to be successful here.

Models of France, Adrien Sahores

7. Anais Mali:

She has walked on the ramp for many renowned brands, including the best Victoria’s Secret ranges of all years. Her beauty is incredible.

Models of France, Anais Mali

6. Constance Jablonski:

She is on the number 11th of all the models of all in world ranked by a website. The combination of blue eyes and blonde hair makes a perfect face.

French Models, Constance Jablonski

5. Arthur Gosse:

Almost the ambassador of all the fashion brands for men in France, and with a physique that defeats any other, he is one of the top models of France.

Models of France, Arthur Gosse

4. Thylane Blondeau:

She started modeling since she was a child and after that she did not look back. From children brand to adults, she is considered to be the future of French modeling industry.

Glamour Models, Thylane Blondeau

3. Models of France – Cindy Bruna:

Imagine a black girls modeling for an American brand, yes that is the ability of Bruna. No one can deny her beauty and she has set an example that complexion is not something that can define beauty.

Glamour Models, Cindy Bruna

2. Glamour Models – Marine Deleeuw:

She has an honor to wall for 36 shows in a line for different brands, which is an honor for a new comer in this industry. Apart from this, her face structure can be adjusted for any type of brand.

Glamour Models, Marina Deleeuw

1. Clement Chabernaud:

He is the best model in the French industry. What makes him stay on the top of the list is his ability to flaunt style. He has a face structure with cheek bones so beautifully carved that becomes his sex appeal. Representing almost all the leading brands in the market, he is the best French model these days.

Glamour Models, Clement Chabernaud

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