Hot Actress Megan Fox – 10 Facts You Must Know

United States of America is considered as one of the super powers of the world due to its prosperity in every field. According to a research US spends $150 billion on entertainment industry. American actors and actresses dominate worldwide. Among these Megan Denise Fox is one of the famous American actresses and models. She started her career in 2001. She made her film debut in 2004 with a role in teen comedy Confessions of a Teenage drama queen. Some interesting facts about Hot Actress Megan Fox are:

10- Personal Life

Fox began dating Brian Austin Green in 2004 after meeting him on the set of Hope and faith. They became engaged in 2006 but soon in 2009 they broke up ending their engagement. The couple got engaged again in 2010 and finally married in 2011. Megan fox is now a mother to two boys and one stepchild.

Megan Fox, Personal Life

9- Megan’s Inspiration To Become An Actress

Megan was inspired to become an actress after watching the classic movie the wizard of oz. She, at that time was just three years old but Dorothy highly fascinated her. She entered the entertainment world early by dancing and doing drama at the age of 5.

Hot Actress, Inspiration To Become An Actress

8- Megan Fox In Sports

Megan fox took an active part in sports. At school she actively participated in swimming. She was an active member of school’s swimming team. Her mother says she beat the record for the 8-and-under individual medley while swimming in 1994.

Hot Actress Megan Fox In Sports

7- Megan As A Student

Megan had a strict upbringing. She was not allowed to date during her student life as long as she lived with her parents. Despite her beautiful looks she says she was bullied at school and she hated being at school.

Megan As A Student

6- Megan Fox As An Actress

Megan once said the basic reason to start acting was to avoid college and make money for her. When Megan appeared on the sets of transformers the director Michael Bay asked her to put on at least 5kgs of weight because she was skinny. By 2009 she was so famous that a few online men’s website decided to boycott her on their websites.

Megan Fox As An Actress

5- Megan’s Health Disorders

One of her eccentric phobias is hearing people breathe. Megan fox once revealed that she suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorders and said that she cannot use a public cutlery apart from that she cannot enter a restroom without feeling uncomfortable. She says that she also has a great fear of darkness.

Megan’s Health Disorders

4- Megan Loves Tattoos

Megan loves tattoos. In total she had 9 tattoos. She had a prominent tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her arm which she removed because she thinks it’s a negative character.

Hot Actress Megan Loves Tattoos

3- Megan Loves Pets

Megan loves to have pets. She owned dogs, cats and birds. She also had a pet pig.

Megan Loves Pets

2- Megan As A Reader

Megan was fond of reading books. Her favorite book is “Kiss the girls” by James Patterson.

Megan As A Reader

1- Hot Actress Megan’s Achievements

Megan was voted #1 sexiest woman by FHM readers for 2008. By the age of 13 she won many modeling and talent awards at the 1999 American modeling and talent convention.

Hot Actress Megan’s Achievements

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