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Are you looking for Top Ten Hollywood Actress List Check this. USA is one of the most powerful countries of the world and is considered as a superpower in this world. It has produced millions of talented people that have succeeded in making their mark in every part of the globe. Just like people belonging from vast fields, USA has produced exceptional people belonging to the entertainment industry. Hollywood has succeeded in making millions of different films of every genre. Every Hollywood film has sometimes definitely made us laugh or cry. But the credit definitely goes to the actors of the films. In every film we see astonishing beauty of actresses and are mesmerized by their looks. Top 10 Hot Actresses from Hollywood are:

10. Hollywood Actress List – Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is an amazing actress that has rocked the cinema screens for a long time now. She has always brought glamour to the screen with her beautiful looks and talent. She has worked as an actress and now as a humanitarian. She is seen off the screen producing films now, but is still the best actress in Hollywood due to her on and off appearance.

Hollywood Actress List, Hot Angelina Jolie

9. Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a brilliant aspiring young actress, working on the screen from a very young age. She started out from TV series and then went onto different comedy films like Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love and most famous of them, The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2. She has a radiant beauty that makes you want to see her films again and again.

Hollywood Actress List, Hot Emma Stone

8. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a South African actress and model, who has been seen on the screen for a very long time now. She stars in a few roles but those roles shake people up from the inside. Her films like Aeon Flux, Snow White, Hancock and most recently Mad Max has forced the people to get away from their homes and go to cinemas. It also forced us to name her here!

Hot Actresses, Charlize Theron

7. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is an extremely talented and ravishing lady. She is a model, actress and yes! A fashion designer. She has released amazing films that belong to the action, comedy, horror and drama genre. Her notable works like In Time, Tron Legacy , The Girl Next Door and the TV series ‘House’ has earned her wide acclamation.

Hot Actresses, Olivia Wilde

6.  Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a sweet, beautiful and a dedicated actress, who is a mom of two! She started her work in this field since she was 13 years old. She has then gone onto making amazing blockbuster films like Fantastic Four, Dark Angle and Sin City. She is also running a company named HONEST to provide pure and healthy items to her customers. She is the all starrer of our list.

Hot Actresses, Jessica Alba

5. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson started her acting career from a young age of 10 in 1994. She then went onto making blockbuster films and forcing people to get to the cinemas. She worked in films like The Nanny Diaries, Iron Man, The Avengers, The prestige and many others. She rocks the screen whenever she is seen on it.

Hot Actresses, Scarlett Johansson

4. Megan Fox

Well, who doesn’t know Megan Fox? She is a beautiful actress and a model, who has worked with pure dedication for a very long time now. She started her career in 2001 from TV series but soon was seen on the silver screen in films like Transformer, Jennifer’s Body and the latest, teenage mutant ninja turtles. She is extremely mesmerizing and gorgeous.

Hot Actresses, Megan Fox

3. Hot Actresses – Mila Kunis

A mom of one, Mila is considered the most hottest and beautiful actresses in the world. She started her career starring in the hit children show ‘Barney and Friends’. Later after that she was seen in amazing films like BLACK SWAN, Friends with benefits, TED and much more. She is actually Russian; maybe that is where her beauty originates from.

Hot Actresses, Mila Kunis

2. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is a well-known actress who has been seen on the screen for a long time now. She has worked as an actress, producer, and director and yes a model too! Well, here’s our all-star. She has worked in outstanding films like V for Vendetta, Black swan, for which she got an Oscar, Star wars and much much more. She has slayed everyone by her looks and beauty.

Hot Actresses, Natalie Portman

1. Marion Cotillard

A French actress, singer, songwriter, environmentalist and a famous spokesperson, Marion is our top scorer and top all-starrer. SHE Started her career in 1993 but came to Hollywood in 2003 and then went onto producing back-to-back blockbusters like Dark Knight,  A very long engagement, the inception, midnight in Paris and the most famous for which she got her Oscar, Two days one night! She is simply gorgeous.

Hot Actresses, Marion Cotillard

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