Hottest Brazilian Women – Top Ten Sexiest Brazilian Actresses

Are you looking for Hottest Brazilian Women. Smart, hot, beautiful and lot of skills to act in front of camera to entertain people, these are qualities required to be a good actress. And we must tell you, top ten Sexiest Brazilian actresses.

10. Ellen Rocche:

She was born in 19th July 1979 and started her career on the Sunday TV program. She has also worked in reality show Dutch big brother. In which B category celebrities has been locked in a house together. She also acts as dream girl as a Brazilian version of Lara Croft to promote the game Tomb Raider III.

Sexiest Brazilian Actresses, Ellen Rocche

9. Karina Bacchi:

She is Brazilian actress and model. She became famous when she won the first season of Dancing with Stars in 2005 and then she won the second season of the Farm.

Sexiest Brazilian Actresses, Karina Bacchi

8. Danielle Winits:

She was born on 5th December, 1973 as a Brazilian actress, dancer and singer. She has worked in many TV serials. She has won 3 awards in the year 2000, 2003 and 2007 which shows her devotion towards her work.

Sexiest Brazilian Actresses, Danielle Winits

7. Cleo Pires:

Some people have God gifted talent; Brazilian Actress Cleo Pire opened her eyes in this world as a daughter of Actress Gloria Pires and songwriter and singer Fabio Junior. She has worked in many movies and covers the Brazilian edition of playboy magazine to celebrate 35th anniversary of this magazine in Brazil.

Hottest Brazilian Women, Cleo Pires

6. Bruna Marquezine:

She was born on 4th August in 1995 and in very short span of time she became famous, she started her career at the age when she was only 5 years old and since then she did not look back and moving forward speedily passing the steps of fame. She has been nominated 6 times in different award categories and has won 2 awards.

Hottest Brazilian Women, Bruna Marquezine

5. Tais Araujo:

She was born on 25th November, 1978. She was the first black Brazilian who started her career in acting. But she proved to be one of the most dominant female actresses in her career by winning 8 different awards on her performances.

Hottest Brazilian Women, Tais Araujo

4. Fernanda Lima:

She is a multitalented woman. She is an actress, model, businesswomen, journalist and television artist. She got very much fame in her very short career of modeling and left her footprints by hosting the show on MTV Brazil, Rede TV! And Globo TV.

Hottest Brazilian Women, Fernanda Lima

3. Vera Fischer:

Winner of 2 awards on her acting Vera Fischer was born on 27th November, 1951. She has been crowned by Miss Brazil in 1968 and by Miss Universe in 1968. She has a bad reputation due to her nude photo shoots for the playboy magazine.

Brazilian Women, Vera Fischer

2. Paolla Oliveira:

She is a winner of sixth edition Dance dos Famosos Brazilian dancing with stars, was born on 14th April 1982 and worked in many films and television series.

Brazilian Women, Paolla Oliveira

1. Juliana Paes:

She is Brazilian actress, Television presenter and model. Juliana Paes won 5 awards out of 6 nominations. In 2006, According to world people magazine she was considered as the sexiest amongst the list of hundred people in the world.

Hottest Brazilian Women, Juliana Paes

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