Malaysian Actresses – 10 Hottest Actresses from Malaysia

It is considered to be universal fact around the world that Chinese and eastern women are the most beautiful and hottest women of the world with great skin, complexion, body and sharp facial features. It is also a universal fact that a woman has to maintain her appearance to stay attractive and beautiful if she wants to survive in the showbiz industry of any country. Malaysian women are among those women who are considered as the hottest in the world with great beauty with completely toned and maintained bodies. Their body appearance and posture makes people to be their fan. Let us see the top ten Malaysian actresses to renowned all over the world with their beauty as well as acting.

10. Nora Danish:

Her full name is Nora binte Muhammad Danish. She started her career with a sitcom on television and later worked for 3 Malaysian movies and then there was no stopping. She is 33 but definitely looks younger than her age. She is a mom of one kid.

Malaysian Actresses, Nora Danish

9. Nur Fazura:

Her full name is Nur Fazura Shariffuddin. She is 32, yet looks amazing, she is a host, actress with many films on her credit and she is a VJ too.

Malaysian Actresses, Nur Fazura

8. Belinda Chee:

She is basically a drama actress who has worked in several English dramas of Malaysia and recently trying to get a break in Chinese movies for her further career. She made it to the entertainment industry with a TV reality show.

Malaysian Actresses, Belinda Chee

7. Lisa Surihani:

Her full name is Lisa Surihani Binte Muhammed. She started her career as a TV actress but now she is a successful model, host, film actress as well as a renowned name in Malaysia as a model for several advertisements. Her age is 29.

Malaysian Actresses, Lisa Surihani

6. Hannah Tan:

She is also known as Hannah T. Her amazing looks lead her to the film industry, but she is basically a singer and a song writer. Her bold outlook is the reason of her fame. She is 34 years old.

Malaysian Actresses, Hannah Tan

5. Maya Karin:

She is 31 year old Malaysian actress who has several horror roles on her credit. She is also a television host and singer. An age of 36, she is one of the most successful actresses of Malaysia.

Malaysian Actresses, Maya Karin

4. Juliana Evans:

Her full name is Juliana Sophie Evans. She is an actress come model of the Malaysian showbiz. She is 26 years old with a successful career as TV host, film actress and model.

Malaysian Actresses, Juliana Evans

3. Diana Danielle:

 Her full name is Diana Danielle Danny Beeson. She is considered among the leading hottest showbiz female personalities of Malaysia with several films, drama and advertisements on her credit. She is an American born girl living in Malaysia. Her age is 24.

Malaysian Actresses, Diana Danielle

2. Julie Woon:

She is a 26 year old Malaysian TV actress and host, recently making it to the showbiz of Malaysia with her stunning body looks and excellent Chinese facial features.

Malaysian Actresses, Julie Woon

1. Carmen Soo:

She is a Malaysian born actress with most number of awards on her credit for acting, modeling as well as hosting several TV shows. She is aged 38 but has stunningly maintained figure and face looks to attract everyone.

Malaysian Actresses, Carmen Soo

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