Pakistani Models – Ten Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Pakistan is a country that is seen with much displeasure by many countries and people in the world. Pakistanis are considered as being something they are not. An extremely disheartening word that is not at all true. What the whole world doesn’t know about Pakistanis that they are FIGHTERS! They have fought their way through every hurdle or obstacle in their history. Sure some women fight over Lawn suits, but as I told you, they are fighters. Pakistan has also now excelled and fought their way to glory went it comes to the entertainment industry. Pakistan has produced numerous models that work in different parts of the glove and uplift the name and image of Pakistan. Top 10 Pakistani Models and most beautiful Pakistani Girls are:


Rabia Butt is an aspiring model who has been around the modeling town for quite some time now. She is what we call beauty at its perfection. She has become the face of many brands and appeared in advertisements and has won the Best Model award.

Pakistani Models, RABIA BUTT

9. Beautiful Pakistani Girls – Hira Tareen

Hira Tareen is a beautiful person who’s got the looks and the brain. She started out as a Radio Jockey and a Video Jockey but was soon seen in television serials. After her popularity in dramas, she switched to modeling and has rocked the ramp ever since. She has posed for many Lawn collections too.

Beautiful Pakistani Girls, Hira Tareen

8. Fouzia Aman

Fouzia Aman is an aspiring and a talented model that has the attitude to live boldly and also those mesmerizing looks that kill everyone. She has worked in many different advertisements for many huge-scale brands and many Fashion Houses like Khaadi, Maria B and much more. She has a son but looks no older than 20.

Pakistani Models, Fouzia Aman

7. Sunita Marshal

Sunita Marshal started out as an actress for many different drama serials and worked against many bigger names of the industry. She soon switched to modeling but was seen off ramp for a long time due to her kids and families. She has now stepped up again, with much better poise, glamour and attitude and has reminded people of her lost beauty.

Pakistani Models, Sunita Marshal

6. Amna Babar

Amna Babar rose to the heights of fame in an extremely little period of time. Her dedication to her work and her mesmerizing beauty has made people to look at her again and again and wonder, ‘how is she so beautiful’. Not only that, Amina has worked for numerous top fashion houses and has increased the beauty of magazines.

Beautiful Pakistani Girls, Amna Babar

5. Sabeeka Imam

Sabeeka was actually a model in Britain, but soon became a hot topic in Pakistan, after her amazing role in the film Jalaibee. She not only has got the looks, but has such a charming personality that people get mesmerized by her always and can’t seem to get their eyes off of her. She has worked for international brands and even many Fashion Houses including Gul Ahmed.

Beautiful Pakistani Girls, Sabeeka Imam

4. Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas is the pure representation of bold and beautiful. She started her career through modeling and led into drama serials and a hit Pakistani film “Zinda Bhaag”. After her films, she was seen more in dramas than on the ramp. But she picked up the pace recently and has since been seen on various mag covers and Fashion houses like Khadi and Sana Safinaz.

Beautiful Pakistani Girls, Amna Ilyas

3. Cybil Chaudhry

 The number 3 of our list is a wife and mother of one, Cybil, rocks the ramp whenever she is seen on it. She has this breathtaking beauty and an extremely down to earth nature that makes her even more attractive to her fans. She has been seen working a lot with Ather Shahzad, hosting modeling shows and of course, in Fashion Weeks.

Beautiful Pakistani Girls, Cybil Chaudhry

2. Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain has landed the 2nd position because she is an all-starrer. Not only is she a mother, she is a wife, a makeup artist, an actor and yes a dermatologist. She has worked in many fields and has the most experience when it comes to modeling. She is the face of every famous brand and is seen a lot throughout the Fashion Weeks.

Pakistani Models, Nadia Hussain

1. Pakistani Models – Mehreen Syed

Our starrer of the list, Mehreen Syed is an extremely talented model, who worked her way into movies, only due to her sheer talent and extravagant beauty. She is a mom of one, but doesn’t looks like one at all. She is the face of the famous brand Faraz Manan and even the international brand of L’Oreal Paris.

Pakistani Models, Mehreen Syed

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