Pakistani Movies – Top 10 Pakistani Movies Of All Time

Top 10 Pakistani movies of all time

Movies, music and acting are one of those elements that have no boundaries. They grow onto much wider platform, to different countries, continents and part of the world. The entertainment industry provides for AN opportunity to bring along different people from different parts of the world into one single package of entertainment. There is no talk about any actor’s country or religion when it comes to the entertainment industry; it’s just a matter of their acting skills and talents. Just like many other countries of the world, Pakistan has went onto producing many breathtaking movies and music that has grasped the attention of people from all parts of the world and has forced them to change their thoughts about this country. Some greatest Pakistani movies of all time are:

  1. Zinda Bhaag ( Pakistani Movies )

Released in Sep 2013, Zinda Bhaag is one of the amazing productions of Pakistani cinemas. This movie comprises of three men that are tired of living a boring and oppressed life and try to flee their country. This movie revolves around the life of an ordinary Pakistani therefore; it got much fame and popularity.

Pakistani Movies, Zinda Bhaag

  1. 3-BAHADUR

Pakistan’s first ever animated film; 3-bahadur is one of the highest grossing Pakistani films. It was seen in cinemas in May 2015 and went unto making a business of $0.65 million. It revolves around 3 children trying to save their country. Sharmeen Obaud-Chinoy sure made us mesmerized by this release.

Pakistani Movies, 3-BAHADUR


Indo-Pak collaboration, Ramchand Pakistani was released in October 2008. This story revolves around a family of three; Mother, Father and son. The father and son are seen around the border and taken into India and shows the efforts of the mother, to survive alone.


  1. MAIN HOON SHAHID AFRIDI (I’m Shahid Afridi)

Based on the name of the famous cricketer of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi, This movie stars Humayun Saeed as a coach of a cricket team, who trains an untrained team of young ambitious boys, trying to make their way into the ‘Under 19 cricket world cup’. Also an ambitious boy, whose role model is Shahid Afridi, is part of the team. This movie was released in 2014 and won several awards.



Bin Roye is a romantic drama film that was based on a novel ‘Bin Roye Ansoo’ by writer Umera Ahmed. This story revolves around two sisters, separated in their childhood and their mutual love interest. One of the sisters’ (Armeena) dies and the second (Mahira) is then made to marry her long love interest (Humayun) and take care of his nephew. It was released in 2015.

Pakistani Movies, BIN ROYE


One of the most famous and oldest movies of Pakistan, Maula Jutt was released in 1979. This movie revolves around a local hero Maula Jutt trying to fight his nemesis known by the name of Nuri Nath who is also a local villain. Their bloody feud is shown in the movie and stars the famous Sultan Rahi and Mustafa Qureshi.

Pakistani Movies, MAULA JUTT

  1. BOL (Speak)

Bol is one of the highest paid movies of Pakistan released worldwide. It was released in 2011 and revolves around the story of a young girl who is on the death row. She requests for one last interview before going for her hanging and tells her whole story and the reason for her committed murder of her father.

Pakistani Movies, Bol

  1. Khuda K Liye (In the Name of God)

One of the most amazing movies worldwide, Khuda Kay Liye was released in 2008. It comprises of two brothers who are influenced by the changing religion fundamentals. One is tortured in USA for being a Muslim during the 9/11 and the other is made to marry her cousin and trap her in Afghanistan to stay with the extremists.

Pakistani Movies, Khuda K Liye

  1. Chooriyan (Bangles)

An amazing romantic action film, Chooriyan was released in 1998. It stars the famous Shaan Shahid and Saima. This movie is still widely acclaimed across all parts of the world. It actually revolves around Shaan who has returned to his hometown where he meets his cousin Saima and the love story starts.

Pakistani Movies, Chooriyan

  1. WAAR

The top most famous and highest grossing film of Pakistan, Waar was released in 2013. It is directed by Bilal Lashari and stars Shaan Shahid, Shamoon abbasi, Ayesha Khan, Hamza Abbasi, Ali Azmat and Meesha Shafi. It revolves around the life of a retired officer, who lost his family due to his nemesis and fights off the security threat Pakistan has because of that same person.

Pakistani Movies, WAAR

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