Polish Actors – Top Ten Male Actors Of Poland

Poland is country where men are really handsome and talented. In order to be a good actor, one must have good looks along with the acting skills, because the demand of screen and viewers is to look at people that are pleasurable to look at. Polish Actors are famous all over the world, many of them are famous worldwide only because of their talent and skill that they show in their movies and other kinds of projects. These are the top ten male actors of Poland on a ranking that goes from ten to one.

10. Polish Actors – John Bluthal:

He is actually from Britain but considered as a Poland actor because he was born in Poland. He has the honor to work in various movies as well as many famous TV series out which some are still on the TV while others have left deep impact on minds.

Polish Actors, John Bluthal

9. Ullrich Haupt:

He was a film actor from Poland in the past, but now he is no more. His work and acting is still role model for new comers and he laid foundation for new acting skills in Poland film industry.

Polish Actors, Ullrich Haupt

8. Yuri Mazurok:

He is actually an opera artist from Poland, but has also acted in one or two movies. Although he has only a small number of movies on his credit, but these are the exhibition of his skills. His actual reason for fame is opera.

Polish Actors, Yuri Mazurok

7. Jan Swiderski:

Jan is also an actor from Poland, and his acting abilities make him to be on the top ten list. His movies are often hits and liked by everyone.

Male Actors Of Poland, Jan Swiderski

6. Casey Siemaszko:

Who can forget the very great back to the future movie part 2, Casey was among its cast. He is actually an American actor but called from Poland because his father was a roman catholic from Poland.

Male Actors Of Poland, Casey Siemaszko

5. Olek Krupa:

When we talk about movies like Home Alone 3, The Italian job and X-men, we cannot forget he villain in it. Olek is famous for his villainous roles, and no doubt does justice with them.

Male Actors Of Poland, Olek Krupa

4. Janusz Gajos:

He is also a polish actor who has amazing acting skills. His skills are the outcome of his professional course and qualification in acting. He always wanted this to be his career.

Polish Actors, Janusz Gajos

3. Roman Polanski:

He is actually a multi-talented man. He is director, producer as well as an actor too. He does not only makes movies from Poland, but also from USA and other countries too.

Male Actors Of Poland, Roman Polanski

2. Stuart Holmes:

He is no longer among us, but he has a brilliant career. He worked for 70 years consecutive and has 450 movies on his credit.

Polish Actors, Stuart Holmes

1. Daniel Olbrychski:

He is an actor from Poland who has the leading role in every other hit movie that strikes the market. He is the most demanded and a highly paid actor, all because of his skills and caliber of acting.

Polish Actors, Daniel Olbrychski

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