Popular French Artists – Top Ten French Singers

Are you searching for Popular French Artists? Music has always been a medium of communication and conveying emotions, all over the world. If the singer who is singing along with the instrumental notes is not aware of your language, you can still feel the emotion in the voice, even if you do not understand the lyrics. Everyone can convey the lyrics, but doing it without the understanding of language is an art. Let us see who is the top ten French singers who made it to be known all over the world by their voice.

10. Edith Piaf:

She was a beloved singer of France and almost many of her songs and lyrics translated in to English, which made her popular and well known in the world.

Popular French Artists, Edith Piaf

9. Matthieu Chedid:

Matthieu Chedid has many awards on his credit, and all awards are for his outstanding talent in singing. He does and performs very well with rock, and not to forget, he is an amazing live performer.

Popular French Artists, Matthieu Chedid

8. Lefa:

He is French rapper and famous for his raps, as it is a trending thing these days in music. Apart from that he has done many singles, but mainly he is the member of the group Sexion d’Assaut. He has been in collaboration with many singers.

Popular French Artists, Lefa

7. Ben l’Oncle Soul:

He is one his kind, trying to revive old music in French by doing retro style tracks. He is kind of recall of the old era in this noisy musical industry.

Popular French Artists, Ben l’Oncle Soul

6. Zaz:

Within a very short span of time, she has made it to the international music market. She launched her debut album 2 years back and since then, there was no stopping. She adopts any kind of music, and makes it to be a part of her singing.

French Singers, Zaz

5. Christophe Mae:

He is one of those talented singers who manage to be making you feel good with their singing. Hos vocals and pop approach makes him unique. He has excellent command over guitar. He has several studio albums on his credit.

French Singers, Christophe Mae

4. Camille:

She is famous for her experiments she does with music and lyrics. She sings bilingual too. Her recently recorded album was recorded in a church chapel, which was part of her experimented music.

French Singers, Camille

3. Benjamin Biolay:

Besides being a singer, he is a song writer and a producer too. His multi talent and knowhow of the industry makes him famous with his work. He is one of the most demanded and famous celebrities of France.

Popular French Artists, Benjamin Biolay

2. Popular French Artists – Shy’m:

She is all about rock and pop, smart enough to make listeners dance. She is already set with her fourth album to be part of top charts this summer.

Popular French Artists, Shy’m

1. French Singers – Coeur de Pirate:

Her popularity can be defined by the fact that she made her debut with an album named after her own name. Although France is not her native town, but she is equally famous at both places due to exceptional talent. She has command over piano.

French Singers, Coeur de Pirate

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