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Top 10 Scary Movies Of All Time

If you are not a fan of trick or treating on Halloween then it just leaves one thing for you to do on this particular day i.e. watch horror movies all day long. Don’t forget to keep a blanket nearby to hide under it in the most crucial and gory parts of the movie. Another thing that us horror movie fans find very annoying is the time when you have to go through so many websites to search for a good horror movie and that is why we have listed the top 10 Scary Movies Of All Time here.

10. The Shining

All-time favorite horror movie, The Shining has been rated 91% on rotten tomatoes. Jack Nicholson has done an amazing job playing his part. The movie is about a family that heads up to live in a Hotel, being its caretaker and even though they were warned about the hotel being haunted they pay no attention to it until the protagonist slowly starts losing touch with reality. This amazing movie is based on Stephen King’s famous bestseller book.

Scary Movies Of All Time, The Shining

9. The Conjuring

This hauntingly amazing movie has been rated 86% on rotten tomatoes. The story goes something like this: Famous demonologist and paranormal investigators are summoned at a house that belonged to a family who moves in recently and starts witnessing paranormal activity around the house and soon it starts getting more and more terrifying until the family has no choice but to take some measures to prevent it from ruining their lives completely.

Scary Movies Of All Time, The Conjuring

8. The Possession of Michael King

Although this movie has been highly criticized and is rated as low as 29% on rotten tomatoes it still managed to get a huge fan following. It is personally our favorite movie. A man who goes by the name of Michael King refuses to believe in God but after the death of his wife (who was a religious person) in an accident he starts calling out demons and all sorts of other paranormal beings upon himself just to see if they are real. Watch more to know what happens.

Scary Movies Of All Time, The Possession of Michael King

7. Sinister

Sinister is rated 62% on rotten tomatoes and is considered one of the best horror movies of all time. The concept is pretty unique and execution was done perfectly. The story revolves around a writer who starts researching for a new book and moves to a house that was formerly a crime scene for several murders and to write the book he moves in to the house where all the crimes took place. Each family that was murdered had one child missing. As the movie progresses it starts paranormal activities start occurring in this house too.

Scary Movies Of All Time, Sinister

6. Babadook

Babadook is not your conventional horror movie and is rated 98% on rotten tomatoes. To think of it there are very few unique concepts applied when it comes to horror movies. This movie starts from a children’s story book but has a very creepy aura to it.

Scary Movies Of All Time, Babadook

5. Insidious

Rated 66% on rotten tomatoes, Insidious is one of the best horror movies of all time. Although the idea is similar to movies previously made in this genre but it takes a new turn and gives it a nice touch. This movie does have a unique side that it depicted astral projection.

Scary Movies Of All Time, Insidious

4. It Follows

It Follows is another top movie that is rated 97%. The concept is unique and very innovative. Once you start watching it you will get hooked. The movie will give you the chills from beginning till end.

Scary Movies Of All Time, It Follows

3. Grudge

The concept is taken from Korean movie. Grudge is rated 39% but one of the best horror flick movie on rotten tomatoes. This movie will literally give you night terrors.

Scary Movies Of All Time, Grudge

2. A Tale of Two Sisters

Rated 85% it is one of the best Korean horror flick movie out there. It is a movie about two sisters who live with their relatives and soon one of the girls starts witnessing paranormal activity in their house.

Scary Movies Of All Time, A Tale of Two Sisters

1. Exorcist

A classic horror movie that is bound to keep you engrossed to the very end is exorcist and is rated 87% in rotten tomatoes. This movie tells a story of a young girl who gets possessed by a demon and how her fate is dangling between the science and religion.

Scary Movies Of All Time, Exorcist

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