Top 10 Argentine Actors – Berta Muniz, Adrian Navarro, Armando Bo

Actors and actresses of any country determine the popularity of their film industry, because they are the people seen mostly on screen. Off-screen staff is not as much appreciated as the on screen one, and the most important of all of them are the actors and actresses. Let us see who the most popular ten male Argentine actors are.

10. Argentine Actors – Armando Bo:

Armando Bo was popular because of his sexual exploitation scenes in Argentine movies. He was an actor as well as writer, composer and many other things. He became popular because the first nude scene in any movie of Argentina was in his movie. He is no more now.

Argentine Actors, Armando Bo

9. Alfredo Casero:

He is aged 53 and still popular for his comedy show cha cha cha which came to an end in 1995. He also worked for songs and directed a couple of things. He is among top ten because he is got formal education of acting in 1987 and then started working.

Alfredo Casero, Argentine Actors,

8. Alfredo Alcon:

His real name was Alfredo Felix Alcon. He was a legend of 1950s who is no more with us now. He played leading roles in more than 50 movies and still remembered for those roles.

Alfredo Alcon, Argentine Actors,

7. Alejo Garcia Pintos:

Apart from doing side roles in Argentine movies, this man has some really good acting skills which make him to get lead roles in television series of Argentina.

Alejo Garcia Pintos, Argentine Actors,

6. Alejandro Awada:

His origin is actually Lebanese but this unique characteristic of makes him unique in the industry and gets him side roles.

Alejandro Awada

5. Alejandro Agresti:

He is aged 54 and still looks very young. He is a director and producer too along with just being an actor. The greatest achievement of his career is that he has worked with some Hollywood producers and directors too.

Alejandro Agresti

4. Alberto De Mendoza:

His career is from 1930 to 2005 in which he acted a lead role in almost above 100 movies. He was legend and is not alive now. He died at the age of 87.

Alberto De Mendoza, Actors of Argentina

3. Alberto Closas:

He is also not alive now and died at the age of 73, but his acting and movies are still popular and serves a guideline for modern actors of this era. He did almost 90 projects of big and small screen combined.

Alberto Closas, Actors of Argentina

2. Adrian Navarro:

He is the second most famous actor of television as well as films in Argentina. Sidewalls, The widows, and Hermana are some of his recent popular movies.

Adrian Navarro, Argentine Actors,

1. Berta Muniz:

It is said that terrifying someone is the hardest job ever, and this is what Berta does in his movies. He is famous for his acting in horror movies. He has done almost 30 horror movies and all are related to zombies.

Berta Muniz, Argentine Actors,

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