Top 10 Beautiful Mexican Girls – Elsa Benitez, Blanca Soto, Lupita Gonzalez

Mexican people are too beautiful and one of their own kind. And the models among these people are even more beautiful because they pay more attention to their grooming and good looks. Models of Mexico are also famous all over the world because of their sharp features and female models are obviously famous for their perfectly toned body shape sharp facial features. Here is a list of top ten Beautiful Mexican Girls / Models.

10. Beautiful Mexican Girls –┬áMariana Bayon:

She is only 25 and already in the top ten lists of top models because of winning modeling contest almost every year. She has all it takes to be a good model and is on number 10 on the list.

Beautiful Mexican Girls, Mariana Bayon

9. Claudia Salinas:

Apart from being just a model, she is fashion icon of the country and does not hesitate in sharing her modeling or beauty secrets through her blog. She has a blog name Miss Salinas and girls all over the world follow her for guide lines and inspiration.

Beautiful Mexican Girls, Claudia Salinas

8. Laura Elizondo:

She represented Mexico in the Miss Universe 2005 contest and was selected from thousands of women and found deserving to represent the country.

Beautiful Mexican Girls, Laura Elizondo

7. Paulina Flores:

She is 36 and still looks very young. She represented her country in the Miss Universe contest of 2000 and is beauty pageant of the country.

Beautiful Mexican Girls, Paulina Flores

6. Ninel Conde:

Her full name is Ninel Herrera Conde. She is actually not a model but has done one or two of modeling assignments. Actually she is a television host, actress and singer.

Beautiful Mexican Girls, Ninel Conde

5. Barbara Mori:

Apart from being just a model, she is producer as well as an actress too. She started her career at the age of 14 as a model and has appeared in a Bollywood movie against hrithik roshan, the movie was named Kites.

Beautiful Mexican Girls, Barbara Mori

4. Mayrin Villanueva:

She is a famous Mexican model as well as an actress too. She is famous because of posing for several magazine covers and doing several photo-shoots.

Beautiful Mexican Girls, Mayrin Villanueva

3. Lupita Gonzalez:

She is not much famous in the world but in Mexico she has considerable fan following who really like her as a model. Her modeling is nice but has some flaws that cannot make her world famous.

Beautiful Mexican Girls, Lupita Gonzalez

2. Blanca Soto:

She also has got the beauty pageant title of Mexico in 1997. She has also been crowned a few times on their beauty. But apart from being just a model, she is an actress too which makes her even more popular.

Beautiful Mexican Girls, Blanca Soto

1. Elsa Benitez:

She is a controversial celebrity model, and in this industry the one who has more controversies on his / her behalf is the more famous. Same is the case with Elsa. However, she is also famous television host, not only a model.

Elsa Benitez, Beautiful Mexican Girls

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