Top 10 Beautiful Norwegian Girls – Kathrine Sorland, Siri Tollerod, Lene Egeli

Models are the centre of attention and attraction of the showbiz of any country. Although when we talk about models, the first image that comes to our minds is of hot women with lot of body exposure, but to utter contradiction, this is not the case these days. Men are also into this thing equally as women, but here we are going to discuss about the careers of ten beautiful Norwegian girls, because no one can beat their heat!

10. Marianne Schroder:

She is an aged model but still manages to look beautiful with her looks and fitness. She is from Smola city of Norway and was born in 1977. She has taken up modeling tasks for some world famous brands and is the famous face of these brands.

Beautiful Norwegian Girls, Marianne Schroder

9. Monica Hansen:

She belongs to the Tonsberg city of Norway, and was born and raised there. She won the Miss Norway contest in 1997 and since then there was no stopping.

Beautiful Norwegian Girls, Monica Hansen

8. Kirby Ann Basken:

This 30 year old model of Norway is all famous for her bold and beautiful looks that she shows in her photo-shoots. Her mother is Filipino and father is Norwegian, so her beauty is the mixture of these origins that makes her looks unique. She was miss universe in 2007.

Beautiful Norwegian Girls, Kirby Ann Basken

7. Siri Tollerod:

Her adoption of modeling as a career was by chance. She never wanted to be in it, but someone discovered her x-factor while she was once shopping at a mall. Since then, she has been prospering in her career.

Beautiful Norwegian Girls, Siri Tollerod

6. Lene Egeli:

Other than being a model, she has given her services as an assistant teacher too. She represented Norway in various global level competitions but sadly did not manage to win any of them, but still she is renowned name because of modeling of famous cosmetic product Revlon.

Beautiful Norwegian Girls, Lene Egeli

5. Linni Meister:

Her name is famous only because of her boldness. She models in bold manner, sings songs with lyrics too open, and writes sex related articles for a magazine. No doubt, being so bold yet confident require true talent.

Beautiful Norwegian Girls, Linni Meister

4. Triana Iglesias:

She has made it to magazine cover of the playboy magazine at a very young age and not only of her own country but other countries too. Other than this, she has been modeling for many brands.

Norwegian Girls, Triana Iglesias

3. Tove Lill Loyte:

One thing unique about her is that she is a politician too. She started modeling at the age of 19, and since then done many modeling tasks.

Norwegian Girls, Tove Lill Loyte

2. Pernille Holmboe:

She has signed of contracts not just with companies of her own country but other countries too, and these contracts are the reason she is famous for. She is modeling since she was teen ager.

Beautiful Norwegian Girls, Pernille Holmboe

1. Kathrine Sorland:

She is the best model among all in Norway because she has won most of the modeling contests she has participated in. all these winnings are on the basis of her beauty and hard work only. She has remained Miss Norway world and universe too.

Kathrine Sorland, Beautiful Norwegian Girls

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