Top 10 Brazilian Singers – Brazilian Musicians

Are you searching for Brazilian Musicians? Besides any other things in Brazil, music and singers are also incredible. It is also one of those lands of the world where art is really appreciated. Let us have a look at top ten Brazilian singers.

10. Brazilian Musicians – Andre Matos:

Initially he started his career with the band involved in heavy metals. But since 2006 he decided to spend much of his time on his solo album. He has performed in many international concerts as well as domestically. In top ten Brazilian singers he is on 10th position.

Brazilian Musicians, Andre Matos

9. Michel Telo:

At the age of 6 he sang his first solo song in his school which was showing his talent, attributes towards music and since then he didn’t see behind and passing the steps of fame gradually and become popular in not only in Brazil but also in other European Countries.

Brazilian Musicians, Michel Telo

8. Renato Russo:

He was born on 27th March 1960 and died on October 11, 1996 at the age of 36 because of AIDs. In his short career of his singing he became phenomenal for the rest of life for song lovers especially in Brazil.

Brazilian Musicians, Renato Russo

7. Tom Jobim:

He was a Brazilian songwriter, composer, singer and pianist. He was the first one to create boss nova style and many of singers have been performing on his songs because of his popularity. However he passed away but still he can be considered as 7th standing for his outstanding career in music.

Brazilian Singers, Tom Jobim

6. Gilberto Gil:

He is not only singer but a politician too. From 2003 till 2008 he served as a country minister of culture. He is considered as innovator in music. He has won around 17 awards out of 20 nominations on his career.

Brazilian Singers, Gilberto Gil

5. Caetano Veloso:

He started his career in 1967 as singer but now he is a singer, songwriter, political activist and musician as well. He has the honor to remain consistent inventor in music and best-selling performer. He has won 9 Latin Grammy Awards and 2 Grammy Awards on his performances.

Brazilian Singers, Caetano Veloso

4. Milton Nascimento:

He captured the position of 4th spot in Brazilian top ten singers. He is a multitalented singer. He can sing, he can write, he can play guitar and he can play piano as well. That makes him superior to other singers.

Brazilian Musicians, Milton Nascimento

3. Marisa Monte:

Another star of Brazilian Music industry, Marisa Monte a very classy singer and writer. In French newspaper she was elected as top 10 best singers in the world. The way she sings touches the heart soul and her presence on stage is very impressive.

Brazilian Singers, Marisa Monte

2. Tim Maia:

Although he passed away in 1998, but people of Brazil still recognize him, because he was the one who brought the revolution in Brazilian music industry by launching the soul style in music of Brazil. During his era he was considered as internationally recognized singers.

Brazilian Musicians, Tim Maia

1. Brazilian Singers – Elis Regina:

She stands on 1st position amongst the top ten Brazilian Singers because of her unique vocal dominant her from others singers. She is considered as one of the strongest vocalist in history. The way she sings is very unique and stylish.

Brazilian Musicians, Elis Regina

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