Top 10 Facts About Space – Amazing Facts

Top 10 Facts about Space

When we talk about space well there is only so much of the information that we know. There is a lot of things to be discovered considering how space feels endless and has so much there that is to be explored. With whatever we do know, here we have compiled a list of cool facts about space. Check them out.

10. Density of Saturn

This may come as a shock to you but the fact is that if you put Saturn in water it will start floating. Yes you read it correctly. The scientific explanation being that density of Saturn is extremely low that if you actually put this planet in a bowl filled with water it will float. The density of Saturn is 0.687 g/cm3 whereas the density of water is 0.988 g/cm3.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Density of Saturn

9. Cold Welding

If two pieces of similar kind of element touch while being in space they will bond and will be stuck together, this whole process is known as cold welding effect. The scientific reasoning behind this that in space there is a lack of air and water which help in separating the pieces so the atoms join together.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Cold Welding

8. Increasing Distance of Moon

The moon is moving farther away from the earth and the reason being tidal effects. Each passing year the moon moves 3.8 cm away from the earth and the planet earth is slowing down its rotation.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Increasing Distance of Moon

7. Prehistoric Light

The sunlight you that you see every day and love oh-so-much well believe it or not it is almost 30,000 years old. The light that travels to the earth started in the core of the sun around 30,000 years ago. And all it takes around 8 minutes to travel to the earth.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Prehistoric Light

6. Former Name of Uranus

Uranus was previously called George’s Star. In 1781 Sir William Herschel discovered Uranus and was offered to name the planet. The name he chose was George Sidus or George’s Star after King George III.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Former Name of Uranus

5. Number of Moons

It is believed that the planet earth has at least four moons. Although it has not been exactly confirmed.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Number of Moons

4. Constant Motion

It is a fact that we are in a state of constant motion throughout the space at a speed of 530km a second. The Galaxy Milky Way is spinning through space at a speed of 225km per second. It basically means that in an entire minute we move 19000 km away from our previous location.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Constant Motion

3. Emission of Energy

According to the statistics, only 1% of the solar energy is utilized throughout the world and it is a fact that there is so much energy that sun emits and it hits the earth than it is being utilized. If people solely focus on using solar energy then the third world countries might not have power outage at all.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Emission of Energy

2. Footprints on the Moon

Since there is no wind or water to wash away the footprints of Apollo astronaut and it is highly likely that those footprints will stay on the moon just the way they left it, totally preserved for another 100 million years.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Footprints on the Moon

1. Silence

Since sound waves cannot travel through space, the space is completely silent. For communication purpose radios are used as radio waves can travel throughout the space.

Top 10 Facts about Space, Silence

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