Top 10 Famous Armenian Actors

Male actors of any country are the reason of the girls in the country to stay in touch with showbiz. The good looks, tall dark and handsome thing of these male actors make them more popular. Apart from manly looks, of they are good actors, and it is like cherry on top of the cake, completing their existence. Male actors of Armenia are many till date, but we are going to discuss here about the Top 10 Famous Armenian Actors.

10. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan:

Popular actor on 1970s in Armenia, he is still alive and 80 years old. He is Russian by origin but famous male actors of the past in Armenia. He started his career with the theatre and then made it to the film industry.

Famous Armenian Actors, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

9. Hrant Alianak:

 He is national of Canada as well as Armenia, but the reasons of his popularity are his acting in various movies and getting nominated and being awarded for those roles. He is 65 now.

Famous Armenian Actors, Hrant Alianak

8. Ruben Simonov:

He was born in Moscow but died as a legendary actor of Armenia. Many of his roles in his movies will be remembered for a long time. He died back in 1968 but still remembered by the film industry of Armenia.

Famous Armenian Actors, Ruben Simonov

7. William Saroyan:

Seems like all the good actors of Armenia are no more, but their memories and their work will always remain alive. Saroyan died in 1981. He was national of Armenia as well as America. He always liked to work for movies related to his native place, California.

Famous Armenian Actors, William Saroyan

6. Marco Khan:

Who can forget the names of famous Iron man and Pirates of the Caribbean? He was the real start of these movies, and still famous among all. Apart from being Armenian, he is an Iranian too.

Famous Armenian Actors, Marco Khan

5. Simon Abkarian:

Casino Royale and Simon Abkarian are must for each other. A legendary movie took him to the heights of fame. His native place is France, so he is known worldwide too.

Famous Armenian Actors, Simon Abkarian

4. Charles Aznavour:

91 year old French origin singer but still very popular in Armenia because of his talent obviously. He is songwriter with 1200 songs being written by him that are sung in 8 different languages. Apart from this, his acting skills cannot be completed by anyone.

Famous Armenian Actors, Charles Aznavour

3. Akim Tamiroff:

Yet another lost fortune of Armenia, died in 1972. He was the lucky man to win the first golden globe award for the best act for one of his performances.

Famous Armenian Actors, Akim Tamiroff

2. Gregoire Aslan:

Movies like The adventure of Sindbad, Cleopatra and The return of pink panther made him world famous, but Armenia lost this gem in 1982, leaving a place that can never be filled by any other actor, because no one has skills like Aslan.

Famous Armenian Actors, Gregoire Aslan

1. Eric Bogosian:

He basically belongs to America which is his native place, but he is also an Armenian national so he can be considered as Armenian actor too. He is on the top of the list of top ten actors, despite of being 62 years old. His health, fitness and acting skill have made him to be on the top, and he deserves it no doubt.

Famous Armenian Actors, Eric Bogosian

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