Top 10 Beautiful Armenians Actresses

Actresses of Armenia are no less beautiful and hot as compared to actresses of any other country because of their boldness and good looks, that no one can compete with. Girls all over the country idealize them and take them as their role models, to become like them. But what it takes to be good actress is way too difficult to face. Let us have a review about the top ten beautiful Armenians actresses.

10. Mariam Vardanyan:

She is actress who is famous for her boldness, and her fame cannot be denied by anyone in the country, as well as on international level. Apart from being an actress, her dancing skills make her more popular among her fans.

Armenians Actresses, Mariam Vardanyan

9. Isabel Bayrakdarian:

Apart from being an Armenia, she has Canadian nationality too. Actual reason for her fame is because of her amazing opera singing, but she is a good actress too, which makes her to be on 9th number among actresses of Armenia.

Armenians Actresses, Isabel Bayrakdarian

8. Angela Sarafyan:

She has the honor to be a part of famous twilight saga series part 2 movies. She is a good actress as well as capable of doing any role with all the justice and pleasure, and that too very easily.

Beautiful Armenians Actresses, Angela Sarafyan

7. Nicole Saba:

She is a singer as well as a very nice actress. She is actually a member of pop group and releases many songs with them, but her acting skills are exposed in her song videos and commercials. She belongs from Lebanon but an Armenian citizen too.

Beautiful Armenians Actresses, Nicole Saba

6. Arlene Francis:

She is not an actress of the recent days, but from 1950 to 1970, her acting and her skill were at the height of fame. Main reason of her fame was the top game show of her times, which brought her several others, offers too. She is not among us anymore.

Armenians Actresses, Arlene Francis

5. Marie Laforet:

French Singer and Actress, Who is now settled in Geneva city of Switzerland was one of the most famous personalities of her time. She although not appears on screen much, but still remembered duet her acting.

Armenians Actresses, Marie Laforet

4. Adile Nasit:

She also among those legends who are not among us anymore. She was Turkish by origin but has a credit of doing many memorable roles in Armenian movies.

Armenians Actresses, Adile Nasit

3. Arsinee Khanjian:

She is one of the highly qualified actresses of Armenia in terms of her studies, but stepped into this industry because of their husband who is a famous producer too. She is also a producer like her husband, but also acts in movies produced by her husband, herself or any other person.

Arsinee Khanjian

2. Erika Marozsan:

She started her career in 1989 with a Hungarian movie, but she is known to an Armenian because she has the nationality of this country. She is a hit machine. An indeed beautiful actress who has all the skill needed to be in the industry.

Beautiful Armenians Actresses, Erika Marozsan

1. Armenians Actresses – Cher:

She is probably the most powerful woman in Armenia who is proving her to be able to do multiple things at one time. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, fashion designer, and an actress who can do all other things expected from her.

Armenians Actresses, Cher

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