Top 10 Famous Mexican Actors – Anthony Quinn, Paul Rodriguez, Jacob Vargas

Male actors of any country are the reason of the girls in the country to stay in touch with showbiz. The good looks, tall dark and handsome thing of these male actors make them more popular. Apart from manly looks, of they are good actors, and it is like cherry on top of the cake, completing their existence. Male actors of Mexico are many till date, but we are going to discuss here about the top ten Famous Mexican Actors of all time.

10. Pedro Armendariz, Jr:

He was the son of the great actor of old era Pedro Armendariz, this is why acting was in its blood. His real name was Pedro Armendariz Bohr and he is unfortunately not among us now, but still a role model for modern actors.

Famous Mexican Actors, Pedro Armendariz, Jr

9. Famous Mexican Actors – Emilio Fernandez:

He was also a director and screenwriter along with being an actor, but has passed away. He was famous in the country in the golden age of Mexican cinema which dates back in between 1940 and 1950.

Famous Mexican Actors, Emilio Fernandez

8. Jacob Vargas:

He is actually an American actor but was born in Mexico, which is why he is considered to be a Mexican actor. Anyway, Mexican or American, the world appreciates him for the skills and he deserves it.

Famous Mexican Actors, Jacob Vargas

7. Paul Rodriguez:

He is national of Mexico as well as USA. He has the credit of working for more than 30 films and TV series. His main focus is on TV series and has won many awards for it.

Famous Mexican Actors, Paul Rodriguez

6. Gael Garcia Bernal:

When an actor is also a director and producer, he does wonders with his movies. Same is the case with Gael. He is the founder of canana films and has been producing wonders in the name of films since then.

Famous Mexican Actors, Gael Garcia Bernal

5. Mario Van Peebles:

He is famous Hollywood director and actor but in the list of Mexican actors only because Mexico is his birth place.

Famous Mexican Actors, Mario Van Peebles

4. Edward James Olmos:

He has several outstanding roles on his credit and also has the honor for being nominated for academy award for best acts in the early 90s. He is also an American actor but is said to be Mexican because he has Mexican nationality too.

Edward James Olmos, Famous Mexican Actors

3. Ricardo Montalban:

He was also an actor of old times and still remembered in the industry for his acting. Many actors have passed away but only some they are remembered like this.

Ricardo Montalban

2. Cheech Marin:

Who can forget the movie Cars, Cheech Marin was one of its casts. Besides that, he has also done some other great movies too. He is called Mexican because of his Mexican nationality; otherwise he is American by birth.

Cheech Marin

1. Anthony Quinn:

He was a great actor and an academy award winner in 1950s era. He has passed away but his movies are still watched. Only few actors of black and white era are remembered like this.

Anthony Quinn, Famous Mexican Actors

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