Top 10 Famous Mexican Singers – Carlos Santana, Thalia, Juan Gabriel

Singing and music has always been the core of any culture, because a person or a nation is very much known by its taste in music and the people who do this for a nation that is making music and singing its lyrics. Singers of Mexico are also very famous all over the world for their style of singing and their soulful voices. Here is the list of top ten Famous Mexican Singers along with a little idea about their career.

10. Carlos Santana:

With many music awards on his credit, He was the most famous singer in 1960s and 1970s era. His band was also known as Santana.

Famous Mexican Singers, Carlos Santana

9. Gloria Trevi:

Gloria is name of combination of beauty, singing and controversy. She had her remarkable debut with her single album and after that she did not stop to earn fame. Millions of records and songs are on her credit for which she keeps winning awards every year.

Famous Mexican Singers, Gloria Trevi

8. Alejandro Fernandez:

He started his career with folk music of Mexico but later tried it out in pop music and turned into really successful in this field too. With over 30 million albums, he is on number 8.

Famous Mexican Singers, Alejandro Fernandez

7. Famous Mexican Singers – Thalia:

This is multi-talented name in the list of singers only. She is an entrepreneur, director, songwriter, actress and an author with published books in the market. She is the most influential Mexican female singer.

Famous Mexican Singers, Thalia

6. Paulina Rubio:

She began her career with a pop group of Mexico but then separated from it and started solo pop singing and became an iconic name in this type of music. Aged 47, she is still a role model for youngsters.

Famous Mexican Singers, Paulina Rubio

5. Marco Antonio Solis:

He is actually not into singing this much but he can really sing very well. But he has a specialty in the field of music only, and that is being a music composer, musician and produces records too.

Famous Mexican Singers, Marco Antonio Solis

4. Jose Jose:

He is 68 years old singer as well as an actor of the Mexican showbiz. He sings so well that he is known as the prince of songs in Mexico.

Famous Mexican Singers, Jose Jose

3. Luis Miguel:

He is one of the most successful music stars of Mexico because of his versatility and number of styles in which he can sing. His recent album was also a worldwide hit.

Luis Miguel

2. Vicente Fernandez:

Seems like all the talented singers of Mexico are aged and no one of them is among youngsters. He is also 76 years old and has sold almost 50 million copies of his albums all over the world.

Vicente Fernandez

1. Juan Gabriel:

The name mentioned here is his stage name by which he is now known in the world. Other than being a singer, he writes songs, he is great performer on stage and a recording artist too. All these traits make him the best of all singers in the country.

Juan Gabriel, Famous Mexican Singers

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